Darkside ransomware operators donate some of their bitcoins to charities

A group of hackers responsible for the Darkside ransomware donated approximately $ 10,000 to two nonprofits in bitcoins.According to records of transactions made a week ago, the ZDNET website reported.

According to the website specializing in security, Each organization received about 0.88 BTC, which specialize in combating extreme poverty among children such as Children International and the water project, which focuses on providing drinking water to sub-Saharan countries.

The money was the result of successful extortion ransom lawsuits against victims. who have suffered attacks with the computer virus.

Darkside ransomware operators donate some of their bitcoins to charities
Darkside ransomware operators donate some of their bitcoins to charities

The criminal group posted evidence of their donations on a page of their portal on the dark internet last Monday after emotionally relating to their next goals and the reasons for their “work” justification.

“As we said in the first press release, we are only targeting large, profitable companies.”wrote the Darkside group on the Tor network.

“We believe it is fair that some of the money you paid is used for charity. No matter how bad you find our job, we love to know that we are helping to make someone’s life too change, “concludes the statement.

The criminal organization’s statement came after it issued a similar statement last August reiterating its promise not to encrypt files from hospitals, schools, universities, nonprofits and the government sector.

However, it is not yet known for sure whether or not they have actually kept their promise, as the recent past has shown that some companies of this type are not keeping their word, as is the case with some hospitals in Spain and other parts of the world was. at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is worth noting that Ransomware attacks encrypt someone’s private files or files that are sensitive to the operation of public or private organizations. These are released after payment of the extortion for the respective ransom.

Some groups decided to give it a try ‘Help’ non-profit organizations or stand for a charitable cause by transferring funds from the proceeds of the rescue operations they carry out.

For example, in 2016 a group of hackers known as Phineas Fisher claimed to have hacked a bank and donated the stolen money to the autonomous province of Rojava.

In 2018, the GandCrab ransomware gang released free decryption keys for victims in Syria.

Darkside ransomware first appeared in August of this year with attacks on a large number of companies demanding a large amount of money to restore the encrypted files. As highlighted by the website specializing in security.

Darkside has a website that is only accessible through the Tor network where they post their notices and the details of the information stolen from their victims.

According to bleeping computer The amounts that this ransomware required of its victims ranged from $ 200,000 to $ 2,000,000. who also make sure on their website that they are launching attacks on companies that know in advance that they can pay.

They also claim to have worked with other groups to raise millions of dollars through their campaigns.

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