Dapper Labs Releases Top Shot For NFL As FTX Signs Aaron Jones From Packers

Dapper Labs, the creators of NBA Top Shot, and FTX, the major crypto derivatives exchange, are turning to the National Football League as part of their expansion initiatives.

Dapper Labs is working on an NFL collectors’ marketwhile FTX signed a promotional deal with Green Bay Packers star running back Aaron Jones.

Dapper’s latest move comes a week after the company announced that as part of its last $ 250 million financing round would venture beyond its basketball-based NFT project, NBA Top Shot, and expand into other sports codes and entertainment areas.

Dapper Labs Releases Top Shot For NFL As FTX Signs Aaron Jones From Packers
Dapper Labs Releases Top Shot For NFL As FTX Signs Aaron Jones From Packers

According to sources in the Sports Business Journal, The new NFL market is expected to launch before the start of the 2022 season in January. The NFL and the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) will acquire a stake in Dapper as part of the deal.

The platform will follow the Top Shot model, which will turn the best moments of NBA basketball into tokens and sell them as collectibles to the users in their market.. Although the details are sparse, sources disclosed to the publication that Deal makes Dapper the NFLPA’s second largest source of digital royalty revenue, after EA Sports’ Madden video game series.

The new deal could be related to the NFL’s announced decision earlier this month to ban all teams in endorsement deals from doing business with cryptocurrency trading companies or NFTs. until the league established a strategy “for digital trading cards for sports and the arts”.

The NFL has a lot of crypto-friendly playerslike Tom Brady, who launched the NFT Autograph Marketplace earlier this year; Trevor Lawrence, who signed an advertising contract with Blockfolio; and Saquon Barkley, who is converting his advertising money to BTC through Strike.

Further sponsorships from FTX

In the meantime, FTX and owners West Realm Shires Services have signed a long-term partnership agreement with Green Bay Packers broker Aaron Jones for the exchange’s team of ambassadors..

Jones joins other star athletes like three-time NBA champion Steph Curry and six-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady, when signing a sponsorship agreement with FTX.

Jones is paid for his cryptocurrency promotional work and will also incorporate FTX Pay into his charity website Outreach program nicknamed “AA All the Way”.

The star broker and his free agent brother Alvin have invested in FTX through their investment firm Showtyme Ventures, LLC.

The agreement is the latest in a long list of sports promotions and recommendations that FTX has undertaken.suggesting that the stock market sees sports fans as a quick route to mainstream adoption.

The company has naming rights agreements with Miami Heat Stadium, the Cal Memorial Stadium of the University of California and a sponsorship agreement with Major League Baseball.

Last week, FTX has also teamed up with Formula 1 team Mercedes-AMG Petronas for a multi-race deal..

The mark FTX will play a prominent role in the team’s cars and drivers, as well as in the truck fleet, workshops, and trackside hospitality and communication facilities of the team.. FTX performed at the Russian Grand Prix on September 26th.

Under the agreement, FTX also has access to working with Mercedes star drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, and the company has also teased that NFT collectibles will be released at a later date..

Cointelegraph contacted FTX regarding their sports-related partnership strategy.

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