Danish health authorities warn of hospital collapse

Denmark’s main health agency, Sundhedsstyrelsen, warned on Friday that hospitals are at risk of collapse amid the rise in COVID-19 infections and the approaching winter.

According to the agency, COVID-19 cases will gradually increase in the coming months, which means there will be more people who need to be admitted to hospitals.

He warned that, despite the vaccination of a large part of the population, the situation was “significantly different” compared to the previous year, as citizens were resuming their social activities, which increased the risk of infection.

Danish health authorities warn of hospital collapse
Danish health authorities warn of hospital collapse

Denmark lifted all restrictions on September 10 to curb the spread of COVID-19, a move the government justified with high vaccination rates and stated that the pandemic was under control.

The number of new infections has risen significantly in recent weeks, which has led to Danish health authorities such as the director of the SSI health institute Henrik Ullum demanding the return of the vaccination card that the Danes used to justify for months that they had received the injection from recovered from the disease or had a negative diagnostic test when entering restaurants or museums, for example.

The European country has reached a rate of COVID-19 infection that has not occurred in a year. The health authorities of the European country registered 2,598 cases on Thursday, more than 600 more than the previous day, which is the largest increase from one day to the other in 2021. According to the Ministry of Health, it is the highest number of high infections confirmed since December 30, 2020. Denmark has confirmed nearly 400,000 infections and more than 2,700 deaths from COVID-19.

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