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Dai stablecoin joins Mexican-American wallet Airtm

April 23, 2020

The stablecoin Dai joins the Airtm electronic wallet to offer one more option to access dollars without a purchase ceiling and with a minimal commission. This was reported to Contelegraph in Spanish on April 23, through a statement issued from Argentina.

“Faced with a restrictive, devalued market, and difficulty obtaining physical dollars, cryptocurrencies emerge today as the most chosen option for safekeeping of securities,” they highlighted in the aforementioned statement, considering a scenario of pandemic due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus. , but also taking into account the important economic crisis in Argentina.

As detailed, Airtm is a Mexican-American virtual wallet that has international regulation and guarantees users a competitive offer to acquire dollars without restrictions.

Dai stablecoin joins Mexican-American wallet AirtmDai stablecoin joins Mexican-American wallet Airtm

“In a context of global crisis, where traditional assets suffer large losses and generate mistrust, the decentralized finance market is reaffirming itself as a growing trend through the commercialization of cryptocurrencies and products based on blockchain. Among the options are stablecoins, with unprecedented growth in the market in the last fortnight of March, “they indicated.

“The incorporation of Dai to this virtual wallet offers not only a solution for those who are interested in accessing the North American currency, but additional benefits, such as a hyper competitive price against the variety of dollar values ​​and a lower commission rate. for new users in transactions with DAI, taking advantage of this strategic agreement. Faced with a devalued, restrictive market and with a great limitation to acquire foreign currency, cryptocurrencies are today the option that is growing the most among Argentine savers and people who need to carry out international operations, ”they later stated.

Mariano DiPietrantonio, DAI Marketing Lead for South America, said: “It is great news for Dai to join the Airtm platform.” And he said that it is a competitive option for all those who are looking for how to access dollars and make international transactions.

About Airtm

Airtm is an electronic wallet connected to banking networks and electronic money systems worldwide. Users maintain their balance in dollars or cryptocurrencies such as Dai, and can send and receive money payments nationally and internationally.

“Airtm promotes a community of peers or peers who buy and sell dollars or cryptocurrencies in exchange for other forms of value, earning a commission for each transaction they help complete. In addition to this benefit, during the launch of Dai in Airtm you will be able to access a value of the dollar similar to blue (it is called “blue” to the parallel dollar price in Argentina ) and the most significant advantage over other currencies, the fact of having a commission rate of less than 1% ”, they specified in the statement. It should be noted that Airtm has a user identity verification system.

Although Airtm is based in Mexico City, the company is engaged in monetary services and would be registered in the United States.

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