d Floor Plan Design – An Online Marketing Strategy For Hotel Industry Promotion

Marketing means different to different people. It provides a business the exposure it needs and brings it recognition among customers so that the business can expand further. With the web world technology at our fingertips, online medium is being widely used for marketing these days. Online marketing is very fast becoming the most preferred marketing option in diversified fields due to its ability in creating online presence for businesses. It has left its marks in the hotel industry also where hotel marketing personnel are seen adapting to the latest online marketing strategy of hotel floor plan design to beat their competitors get the business at its peak.

Every hotel business owner wants to provide clients having an eye for art design with visually appealing yet realistic floor plan models that would help them make final decision on which room to book for. The not only shows the customer the amount of creativity used in a particular hotel room he/she wants to stay but also presents an aesthetic view of all the rooms present in the floor plan design including the wall coverings furniture arrangement in them. Effective hotel floor plans always give customers a feel of one large spacious room, as opposed to the congested look persuade them for business in a positive manner. The growing importance of a hotel floor plan design as one of the best available online marketing strategies can be largely felt in highlighting the decor designing for hotel rooms, convention centers thus helping hoteliers score points over their competitors.

According to hotel planners, floor plan design is the most difficult part in every hotel plan project. Since suites guest rooms represent major portion of the total floor area in a resort or hotel, any minor mistake in the planning of a given floor map design may amount to severe loss in terms of both money time. Therefore hoteliers, architects developers are increasingly relying on process to market promote business to prospective clients. Unlike normal drawings pictures, 3D floor plans give customers a clear and photorealistic view of what they are exactly going to get.

d Floor Plan Design – An Online Marketing Strategy For Hotel Industry Promotion
d Floor Plan Design – An Online Marketing Strategy For Hotel Industry Promotion

Merits of 3D Floor Plan Designs:
It allows the customer to see the volume or space in rooms.
It clarifies customers about the entry exit points.
Window locations are clearly mentioned in the floor plan design.
It draws artistic similarity between rooms.
It gives a real view of a room with all its furnishings.
It works best for planning renovations decorations.

The philosophy behind interactive floor plans is to offer customers a truly insightful experience that can win over them. And its just not hoteliers, but also realtors trained interior designers too are cashing on these architectural plans as a part of a powerful online marketing strategy.

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