Cyber ​​security tools that will be a trend in 2022

The financial world is confronted with cyber criminals who are constantly adapting their attack methods to the advancement of technology. To combat them, the company has Futurex has already made the effort to develop three tools that are expected to be trending in 2022.

Financial cybersecurity has been a characteristic factor that has shown great development and growth in the economic environment over the past two years. AND Due to the great boom in artificial intelligence, cloud solutions, automation, robotic processes and cryptography in this environment, it is certain that it will continue to be a key element until 2022.

According to the press release from Orbex Media “The smart decision that many cybersecurity executives will make by 2022 will be to promote a cyber risk-aware culture across the organization so that there is more focus on collaboration and best practice sharing across the organization can. IT community to fight effectively. ” along with these cybercrime tech teams that will make financial management and project management easier.

Cyber ​​security tools that will be a trend in 2022
Cyber ​​security tools that will be a trend in 2022

Analogous to the information shared by Orbex Media, These new trends are: expansion of the threat landscape, application of costs due to skills shortage, and lack of regulatory compliance and they cover different sectors of financial companies.

With the expansion of the threat landscape comes the customized development solution for general and financial environments. This tool adapts to any type of business setup. It is a solution that monitors 24 hours a day and also sends automatic security replies so that the problem can be attacked in a timely manner.

This tool was developed by the engineering and quality control team, as Futurex works with a common code architecture model, which gives them the free step to integrate this function in different devices and thus to prove its effectiveness in the immediacy of the safety reactions. And they had a positive result.

The second trend is rising costs due to a lack of qualifications. This is an element that we really want to address and that has arisen due to the lack of trained cybersecurity staff in financial companies.

This trend is focused on encouraging financial companies to adopt new technologies like cryptography, artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, bots, etc.

By implementing these services, financial firms would reduce both the cost and manual labor of their staff, thereby reducing the workload of the teams dedicated to corporate cybersecurity. And they increase the ability to effectively detect cyber attacks in good time and thus ensure a longer operating time for the company and security.

Like the previous trend, this one seeks to eradicate the lack of regulatory compliance through the use of solutions like Guardian Series 3.

This is an issue to be faced, as it has been found that financial companies have the ability to develop codes, but not all have the necessary security to protect them and therefore also have a deficit in terms of cybersecurity. And with the Guardian Series 3 solution, which is integrated through automated code scanning, payment and movement infrastructure management, process encryption, and vulnerability detection and correction; It helps companies join security systems that enable them to protect their codes, encrypt financial transactions, maintain privacy, and comply with cybersecurity standards.

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