Cyber ​​criminals attack GoDaddy-based cryptocurrency platforms

The security researcher did yesterday KrebsOnSecurity reported that several cryptocurrency platforms hosted by well-known web hosting provider GoDaddy were attacked in the past week.

According to KrebsOnSecurity The attacks began around November 13th on the cryptocurrency trading platform

The CEO of Liquid, Mike Kayamori, said GoDaddy did not properly transfer control of the account and domain to a malicious actor.

Cyber ​​criminals attack GoDaddy-based cryptocurrency platforms
Cyber ​​criminals attack GoDaddy-based cryptocurrency platforms

Kayamori added that The move allowed the attacker to change DNS entries and thus take control of several email accounts. In addition, a malicious actor could partially violate the infrastructure and have access to document storage.

The second victim was the Cryptocurrency Mining Service NiceHash, who discovered on November 18 that some of the settings of his log files in GoDaddy were changed without permission, Quick redirection of email and website traffic.

NiceHash immediately frozen all customers’ 24-hour funds to prevent attackers from transferring funds and to verify that they had restored their original domain settings. The company advised its customers to change their passwords and enable two-step authentication (2FA).

Social engineering, practice It has proven to be a very popular tool with criminals looking to steal cryptocurrencies when an attacker pretends to be a user in order to deceive site administrators. As Cointelegraph previously reported, the Twitter hack in which attackers took control of the accounts by users like Barack Obama to request Bitcoin, it was also done using social engineering.

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