Cuba opens the door to “absent” persecution of opposition activists abroad.

The Cuban regime has opened the door to attempt in absentia those coordinating or promoting alleged subversive actions in Cuba from abroad, in anticipation of a possible legal reform that has already sparked criticism from organizations defending human rights and dissident groups.

The Head of Criminal Prosecution of the Cuban Public Prosecutor’s Office, José Luis Reyes Blanco, raised this possibility in a television interview in which he raised the need to prosecute those who “finance” or “participate” in shares in Cuba in some way .

With this in mind, and on the grounds that “the impairment is caused here in Cuba,” he pointed out that “any person who may have some involvement can be prosecuted in their absence,” which he explained , the current Criminal Procedure Act could appeal.

Cuba opens the door to “absent” persecution of opposition activists abroad.
Cuba opens the door to “absent” persecution of opposition activists abroad.

The message also coincided with the decision by the Supreme People’s Court to submit four bills to the National Assembly for approval at the next session, including a reform of the law alluded to by Reyes Blanco and which will be “adjusted” in the coming months According to the opposition portal Cibercuba.

On the other hand, the prosecution has also pointed to the possibility of using “international legal cooperation” to prosecute potentially foreign offenses without delving deeper into them and assuming that they would come into play in other issues such as the law of the country concerned.

The director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) for America, José Miguel Vivanco, has questioned these movements on Twitter: “Cuban prosecutors are not satisfied with systematically following someone who criticizes the protests from the Cuba regime Call abroad. “

Similarly, the Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH), whose director Alejandro González Raga, reported the attempts by the government of Miguel Díaz-Canel to “silence exiles who protest, organize or silence them”, has expressed itself in the same way. Has “emphatically” condemned the promotion of peaceful acts in favor of a free, democratic and respectful Cuba with human rights. “

“This is a clear threat to all Cubans, regardless of what country they live in,” said González Raga, who lives precisely in Spain, in a statement. The regime, he added, “tries to deceive the Cubans into submitting to the will of the ruling elite abroad, too.”

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