Cryptocurrency Exchange provides “grid trading” for users in Latin America

Mexo Exchange announced the introduction of a new functionality to automate trading strategies on its platform through bots. according to information published through a press release on this medium.

Grid trading is the name of the new service offered by the cryptocurrency exchange in the Latin American market with a service life of almost five monthswhich will enable its users “Buy low and sell high at a certain interval“Says the document.

Mexo will be bringing this product to the region so that cryptocurrency traders can properly configure the bot and track market volatilities 24 hours a day, giving them a significant profit margin.

“With the grid trading, the bot executes high and low purchase price trades strictly according to preset settings, which helps traders make a profit,” said the announcement of the regional cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency Exchange provides “grid trading” for users in Latin America
Cryptocurrency Exchange provides “grid trading” for users in Latin America

There are a total of 14 order books for the most important cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, with which this new functionality can be executed without a connection to an API or a complex line of codeThe new function is completely free for users of the platform.

Regarding the launch, Maggie Wu, CEO and co-founder of Mexo, pointed out that “The user sets the trading investment parameters in advance, and the grid trading bot will automatically trade according to the preset parameters after creating its strategy. As long as the price of the coin does not exceed the set range, the bot will continue to work unless the user manually stops it. “

Grid Trading is participating in the introduction of the ETF token leverage that was recently announced by the exchange about fifteen days agoas reported by Cointelegraph.

Mexo’s leveraged ETF tokens allow triple leverage trading, which means an investor can use $ 100 to buy a $ 300 position, as stated in the company’s statement.

Mexo is a cryptocurrency exchange from the blockchain marketing consultancy Krypital Group, which has been using Mexico as the base for its business operations since August 20.

“The arrival of Mexo is expected to professionalize the digital asset market in Latin America, with Mexico being the first step in this plan,” said Maggie Wu, CEO and co-founder of Mexo and Krypital Group.

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