Cryptobuyer announces its incubation and trading platform at the Blockchain Summit Latam 2020

On the 4th day of the Blockchain Summit Latam 2020, which will take place this Thursday, November 5th, Jorge Farías, founder and The CEO of Cryptobuyer announced in his presentation the launch of his cryptocurrency exchange called Cryptobuyer Pro.

As part of his presentation at the virtual event entitled “Cryptocurrencies and Latin America, Final Adoption”, The businessman pointed out that the Pro platform will be open to the public after a private phasewho made sure that liquidity is up ‘Guaranteed’ Because of the alliances the company has formed with the world’s major stock exchanges to create a highly liquid cross-order book.

He noticed that too Users who own the company’s native token, the XPT, can trade within the platform for a good pricethat has up to 50 percent commission discount.

Cryptobuyer announces its incubation and trading platform at the Blockchain Summit Latam 2020
Cryptobuyer announces its incubation and trading platform at the Blockchain Summit Latam 2020

As a highlight Farías stated that the platform is an undisclosed exchange which gives peace of mind to the users who work with it.without having to worry about third party freezing or losing funds.

Crypto transactions on the rise in Latin America

At the beginning of his presentation, the CEO of Cryptobuyer pointed out the strengths of the region in terms of use cases, noting that Localbitcoins, the leading P2P platform in the region by volume of Bitcoin traded, This “Some figures show with absolute certainty” in relation to the transactions made in the region.

According to the figures presented by Farías, between $ 500,000 and $ 1,000,000 were traded in Argentina and Chile Localbitcoins collected by Coindance.

He also highlighted the important volume of trade that Venezuela and the region in general have on the P2P platform. indicate that for many “Localbitcoins is the platform to beat“.

Even more interesting are the numbers that Jorge Farías reported in his own investigations into crypto transfers to Latin America between July 2019 and June 2020.

According to Farías In the aforementioned period, $ 25 million was sent from Latin America and $ 24 million received in the region via cryptocurrencies.

For Jorge, Bitcoin is the preferred currency among Latin American residents and manifests as the dominant currency in the group of cryptos sent to the region with more than 60 percent of the total calculated.

“People like Bitcoin because they like speculation to a certain extent, because they like the price to go up at some point. That’s why it has been difficult for the stablecoin topic to dig a little,” Jorge said, noting that people like it the leading cryptocurrency to win something, a specialty of the region.

Furthermore, Jorge Farías explained the important growth that all payments with cryptocurrencies in Venezuela have seenfrom 0.5% in 2019 to up to six times growth in 2020.

To the last, The CEO of Cryptobuyer announced a cryptocurrency-based digital platform to raise funds for entrepreneurial projects that have been certified by incubators and accelerators Crypto Enterprise Solutions.

According to Farías, this new product will enable the promotion of entrepreneurship in the region by enabling the scaling of business models as part of a local need, bringing investors of all sizes together with developers of novel ideas based on crypto startups in Latin America.

Finally, the founder of the Panama-based platform recalled the availability of the new Visa card for users of the platform, as well as the guarantee of connectivity for transactions in their products thanks to the installation of a Blockstream satellite node.

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