The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (oPFSA) warns of the emergence of scammers offering fake cryptocurrency investment opportunities and claims to be the only approved mutual fund in Poland.

Scammers name their potential victims to ask them to sell or buy cryptocurrencies through their fake mutual funds, but first you have to Submit your cryptocurrencies to the PFSA compliance team’s wallet to verify the legality of transactions and then the regulator approves the deposit of the payment. This fund does not exist.

Crypto scammers posing as the Polish financial regulatorCrypto scammers posing as the Polish financial regulator

The watchdog has been aggressive towards cryptocurrencies for a number of years and added the following reminder to Polish citizens:

“We would like to remind you that the cryptocurrency market in Poland is not a regulated or regulated market. The PFSA does not license, supervise or exercise any other authority in relation to trading activities in cryptocurrencies.”

In addition, the PFSA urges individuals to report these scams to the nearest police force and gather as much information as possible from the scammer.