Crypto enthusiast Jonathan Herzog is running for US Congress.

The advocate of cryptocurrency Jonathan Herzog stands for the election of the US House of Representatives in the area code against his democratic colleague Jerry Nadler, which has represented the 10th congressional district of New York since 2013.

Former staff member of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, Herzog announced for the first time his intention to run for office in 2019However, lately cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have become much more open.

“”It’s time for a representative who knows what Bitcoin is, ” wrote Herzog to its 5,900 followers on May 23, followed by a Embassy That means the future would be “decentralized and open source”.

Follow in Yang’s footsteps

Crypto enthusiast Jonathan Herzog is running for US Congress.
Crypto enthusiast Jonathan Herzog is running for US Congress.

Like presidential candidate Yang, Herzog supports the Universal Basic Income (UBI) and promotes digital assets as a campaign problem. He criticized Nadler call the congressman “Sleeping on cryptocurrency change”.

Hopeful but realistic expectations

The 26-year-old candidate was positively received by the cryptocurrency community in his campaignAlthough many feel that their efforts are only useful in promoting UBI and digital currencies.

Reddit user CatnipHappy said Herzog “has no chance of winning in his district,” however He hoped that “he would help other UBI candidates who have a chance of winning”.

The media were just as energetic. City State NY magazine said Nadler was “an almost guaranteed win”. because of its popularity, visibility, and funding.

Others have not yet given up hope of Herzog’s chances. The Twitter user Jadentheman quoted other outsider candidates:

“You said the same thing about AOC. There’s little chance of anything happening.”

Herzog is in the democratic primary against Nadler and progressive Lindsey Boylan until June 23, 2020.

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