Bitcoin sees the Chainlink integration as a gateway to DeFi (CRO) expands its DeFi wallet to include Chainlink prices as expansion begins in booming space. The company’s chief operating officer, Eric Anziani, told Cointelegraph:

“I would say that the partnership with Chainlink is a kind of first integration into a DeFi protocol. It offers our customers added value in terms of the transparency of the prices that we give them in our DeFi wallet and ensuring that our CRO token ecosystem works.You can integrate with the external protocol by specifically thanks to the Chainlink architecture to create a price feed for CRO. “

Chainlink integration. Source: sees the Chainlink integration as a gateway to DeFi sees the Chainlink integration as a gateway to DeFi

The first trading pair to receive a decentralized price feed is CRO / ETH, followed by CRO / USD. Anziani said the company is starting out with DeFi tokens, but in the future plans to use Chainlink pricing on all tokens in its ecosystem.. According to him, the expansion of the DeFi space is not due to a desire to capitalize on the hype, but rather to the fundamental belief that everyone has the inherent right to control their finances, data and identity:

“We firmly believe that blockchain technology, and DeFi in particular You can potentially empower millions to exercise this right, the right to be in control of their money. And we as a company have set out to build a complete ecosystem to ensure that blockchain technology is adopted and used. “

Discussing the recent controversy surrounding major exchanges listing an advertised SUSHI token, Anziani said he believed that customers should exercise due diligence before listing any new asset. So they decided not to include it on the list:

“We were aware of the project and when we looked at it we felt that it was not the right time.”

As exciting as DeFi’s growth has been, the trend towards a more sustainable approach should be welcomed.

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