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Crypto art has the potential to become parabolic

April 30, 2020

At Virtual Blockchain Week in front of one of his colorful but hypnotic pieces of canvas, V.This kivinen, creator of Art For Crypto, suggested that crypto art could be as big an investment as any other digital asset.

Kivinen passionately praised some of the philosophical advantages of crypto art and sought to explain the trade side of the coin:

“”[El arte digital] It has many similarities to Bitcoin, for example, very, very early. These options to hold onto the first 10x, 100x and 1000x are now available in Krypto for these unique limited edition assets. “

Crypto art has the potential to become parabolicCrypto art has the potential to become parabolic

Crypto artist Vesa Kivinen. Screenshot of the Virtual Blockchain Week

Kivinen creates three copies of individual pieces of canvas, like the huge hypnotic that hung behind him during his lecture over the week of the virtual blockchain – called “red eyes” and shown above – plus high resolution digital artwork. Although the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is rising, this will not affect the price of Kivinen’s cryptocurrency pieces, which is currently tied to 1 BTC, which is $ 8,762 at press time.

“Nobody likes [separarse de su Bitcoin]”Kivinen said, but added that investing in something like crypto art gives you a product that” has the potential to become parabolic “:

“You have to approach the matter from a holistic perspective so that it is also an investment … No one is separated from his piece for less than one Bitcoin [más adelante]. That would be insane. At best, you could get 10 BTC for your piece later if you ever sell it. “

The expected rise in BTC associated with its halving would have the potential to attract more people to the crypto community and art, ten times more to Kivinen. The artist already has a dozen pieces in circulation belonging to well-known personalities from the crypto community, including Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, and Craig Wright, the applicant for Satoshi.

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