* Crypterium! ICO! *

Recently, more and more people around the world are starting to use digital payments: it’s very convenient not to carry paper money or maps, it is enough to have a gadget on which you can install the corresponding application and pay for almost all purchases.

Contactless payment solutions are actively developing. The growth in the capitalization of such technologies is projected at several trillion dollars! And thanks to the development of blocking and crypto-economics, it will be reasonable to combine such payments and this trend, using all their advantages: security, openness, accessibility anywhere in the world!

The current technology of banking services takes a lot of time: issue of a card, delays in transfers, no anonymity, insufficient data protection. Cryptotechnology practically solves all these costs and problems. The number of users of cryptocurrency and crypto-coils increases at a high rate: I downloaded the application from Appstore or from other resources and everything is ready to be said.

* Crypterium! ICO! *
* Crypterium! ICO! *

But while everyone will go to pay cryptotenes, people need to pay for purchases in Fiat, and sometimes the exchange can take a lot of time depending on the load of transactions, or when searching for a more profitable course!

But just now a wonderful project called Crypterium Cryptobank appears on the market, which will be the first step in meeting this demand. Their application can be easily downloaded to IoS or Android.

Unlike conventional mobile banks, Crypterium Cryptobank will provide an instant processing mechanism for both cryptocurrency and Fiat.

What can I do with their application, unlike mobile banks and other cryptocurrencywallets:

This platform is currently in beta testing, and will be ready for release at the end of Q1 at the beginning of the second quarter of 2018. Crypterium will sell up to 210,000,000 CRPT tokens at an initial market value of 0.0001 Bitcoin to CRPT.

The Crypterium team has many years of experience in creating financial and mobilepayment solutions, including the creation and launch of one of the most important and award-winning contactless paymentplatform PayQR in Eastern Europe.

Crypterium will allow to optimize the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies and better inform the client about possible payment options, for example, it can allocate variouspayment ratios depending on the current valuation. In all ways, the client will get a better deal! Cryptoactive assets and currencies are contained in digital smart purses.

For business, Crypterium Cryptobank will become a specialized mobile solution that can be applied to all sectors. What functions are included there:

According to statistics, more than 70% of payment items are equipped with QR-payment solutions, which, in turn, support the most popular applications of Alipay and WeChat. With the support of Crypterium, such massive use can easily spread to cryptocurrencies, for any trader anywhere in the world. For this you need only a gadget and Internet access!

Crypterium offers potential users of the Cryptobank platform the right to pre-purchase their own CRPT-token through the ICO, which begins on October 31, 2017. CRPT is based on the decentralizedstandard ERC20 marker.

CRPT Tokens are valid for an indefinite period and are the property of their respective owners.

Crypterium is registered in accordance with the legislation of the European Union, its head office is in Tallinn, Estonia,

The project is very promising, join, participate in ICO and bounty campaign. All the information you can find on the links below! Thank you for reading this article.




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