Crypterium diversifies its range of cards and now also offers Visa

Crypterium announced the launch of a new payment card: Crypterium Card VISA Edition. This card is an alternative to Crypterium Card UnionPay, which is already used by more than 30,000 cryptocurrency holders in more than 150 countries. This was reported in a press release from the signing at Cointelegraph in Spanish.

Crypterium is a fintech startup, and from there, they claim that they are looking for a simple introduction of cryptocurrencies that users can use as cash. “Like all other products in the Crypterium family, This VISA card is Perfect integrated in Crypterium Wallet“(A cryptocurrency portfolio), they claimed.

According to the statement, after almost a year of negotiations, Crypterium is now an official VISA partner. This partnership would enable Crypterium to offer its more than 500,000 customers a payment solution known worldwide.

Crypterium diversifies its range of cards and now also offers Visa
Crypterium diversifies its range of cards and now also offers Visa

“In contrast to all other cryptocurrency cards on the market, the Crypterium Card VISA Edition is absolutely free. The goal is simple: to remove barriers for cryptocurrency holders,” said the company.

Austin Kimm, manager of Crypterium, said:

“Today most banks offer prepaid cards for free. Our goal at Crypterium is to provide cryptocurrency holders with similar (or even better) financial services. People using digital assets needed a really affordable payment card. And that’s exactly what our VISA card is about. “


The costs associated with the Crypterium Card VISA Edition are shipping costs. The fast delivery option costs only 14.99 euros. However, CRPT token holders also benefit from free delivery.

Charge with cryptocurrencies

The Crypterium Card VISA Edition is loaded with cryptocurrencies at Crypterium Wallet. The wallet instantly converts digital currencies into euros. The system is integrated in exchanges or exchanges. The top-up fee is 2%.

Also, The card is equipped with technology for “contactless” payment. Work is also underway to make the card compatible with Apple Pay so that cardholders can pay with their mobile devices in the future.

Limits for users

The Crypterium VISA card has spending and withdrawal limits. A cardholder can spend up to € 10,000 a month and withdraw € 2,500 in cash at ATMs.

This card is managed by the user via Crypterium Wallet (available for iOS and Android). Cardholders can lock and unlock the card, change their security PIN, and track spending in one go.

For security reasons, all Crypterium accounts are insured with the BitGo cryptocurrency management service.

About Crypterium

Crypterium is represented as a “cryptocurrency bank”. This fintech was awarded by KPMG and H2 Ventures. Provides financial services to individuals and businesses to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. They claim to have customers in dozens of countries.

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