Criptan introduces the Visa card for cryptocurrencies in Spain

Criptan, a platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies with a focus on the Spanish market, has launched its physical Visa card for all users within the Iberian territory as seen on its platform.

Criptan was founded in January 2019 and has grown in Spain with the help of its founder Jorge Soriano in Valencia and Jaume Sola, who are now in the midst of adversity, relying on a greater proliferation of cryptocurrencies in the Spanish-speaking country.

Criptancard can be “Use all users of the platform to pay with cryptocurrencies in any establishment“, Soriano recently told major Spanish local media the launch of the new product in times of COVID-19.

“We are already in the ticket reservation phase. Aside from facilitating payment with crypto according to the same system and also for electronic commerce, it will allow money to be sent between users, which is especially useful for expats from Spain and Europe sending money transfers to their country. And often with very high costs and many delays, ”explains Soriano.

Criptan introduces the Visa card for cryptocurrencies in Spain
Criptan introduces the Visa card for cryptocurrencies in Spain

Criptan currently bills around 600,000 euros per month with a team of just six employees and has been multiplying its sales by ten since the end of November 2019This makes the company’s CEO proud, who is trying to make the company’s contribution to building a good image of the crypto world.

The company also offers its system ‘Criptanpay “This means that every company in the world can accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, but receive euros in your bank account. There are no costs for this and you don’t need to have any knowledge of cryptocurrencies, as Soriano emphasizes.

The commission for the user is 1.95% as it is sent to another Criptan account from which we manage the process. This way, you don’t have to pay taxes directly for each conversion into the escrow currency, ”ends Jorge Soriano.

The company has more than 2,500 users on its account. According to estimates by the founder, the year is expected to close with almost 25,000 users.

To this end, they are based on the strategy of, according to Soriano’s own words, covering the segment of 95% of the population in which there is no exchange.

In addition, Soriano advises that they are waiting for Spain to approve the fifth European directive on money laundering in order to be able to re-establish contact with the Bank of Spain and be included in the register.

“It is a very important step for us to be more regulated. We have never had problems with the CNMV or the Bank of Spain and we want to be more regulated by the regulators. In fact, we contacted Sepblac to appoint a representative, but they have does not allow us to do this, as there is still no heading that fits our job, ”explained the company’s managing director.

The proposal to launch Criptan’s rechargeable Visa card is in line with the intentions of the giant cryptocurrency exchange, Binancewho also hopes to introduce a similar product in Spain.

His operations director in Spain, Luis Vaello, reported on his official Twitter account in July last year about the intentions of the huge cryptocurrency exchange founded by “CZ”.

Given the challenges of contactless payments and the pandemic, the initiatives announced by Criptan, combined with the efforts of cryptocurrency technology companies, provide solutions for their users who believe more in crypto as a secure payment method every day. of value.

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