Cresio project announces new updates for its platform

The Cresio multi-exchange platform will be adapted to the DeFi area, with the addition of four payment methods and new functionalities; according to a press release from the team Cointelegraph Spanish this Friday, December 10th, 2021.

According to the note sent by the team, the platform contains all the tools / functions that are present in the Cresio platform for centralized exchanges, such as buying, selling, stop-loss, among other things on its operation in the most popular DEXs on the market such as Uniswap or PancakeSwap.

In addition, the team has integrated four new payment methods: Free, Basic, Standard and Premium via the native XCRE token into the Polygon network.

Cresio project announces new updates for its platform
Cresio project announces new updates for its platform

“The update of the new token is due, among other things, to the high fee costs in the Ethereum network, the reduction of the total offer to 40,000,000 XCRE and the upcoming listing in JamonSwap”, can be read in the note.

Additionally, The project states that it will implement a “swap” in the control panel so that the user can automatically convert his tokens from the Ethereum network into polygons at a ratio of 10: 1 (1 XCRE token is delivered for every 10 CRES tokens).

The project also announced a change to its staking system to encourage more users to participate through its system called Wallethold. Last but not least, they point to a new financing round for today via the ILO modality (Initial Listing Offering).

Cresio is the first legal ICO in Spain after meeting the legal and legal requirements of that country’s National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) last year.

Since then, the project has advanced a successful roadmap that has enabled it to expand a user base inside and outside the Iberian borders and become one of the preferred projects that allows it to work simultaneously on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges from the same environment graphic.

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