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Create your own story during this quarantine with PathBooks

March 31, 2020

PathBooks, the interactive book platform created in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, releases its content to deal with boredom during this pandemic by COVID-19.

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Create your own story during this quarantine with PathBooksCreate your own story during this quarantine with PathBooks

Surely you know the story of Cinderella , the story of a young woman whose stepmother has turned her into her servant and who is finally rescued by a handsome prince with whom she marries and lives happily ever after.

Can you imagine what would happen if the young woman decided not to get married and instead decided to start a business? This is just what you can do with PathBooks , a startup that allows you to access hundreds of interactive books with various alternative endings.

The platform emerged in 2017 from the hand of Jorge Caballero , an engineer and programmer from Matamoros, Tamaulipas, who decided to take away the dullness of reading. “I come from the world of video. I liked making short films that I directed and wrote ”, he says. “I worked for several years at Televisa, but I always had an entrepreneurial soul and I was trying to do new things, innovating and learning from failures, but always with the desire to do something that could have an impact and help millions of people,” he says.

Jorge Caballero, founder of PhatBooks. Photo: Courtesy PathBooks

What better than to create a platform that encourages reading, which also helps the development of culture and education in any country? Thus, with the help of other Mexican developers, they created PathBooks.

In a pathbook you can change the course of the story and the events of the book, you become the main character that reaches multiple endings created by your own decisions. A pathbook has to be a live story, a non-linear book.

According to the 2019 report of the Reading Module (MOLEC) carried out by the Inegi, the percentage of people who read in Mexico has contracted almost 10 percentage points, since in 2015 it was 84.2% and in 2019 it stood at 74.8%. For Jorge, the challenge to increase the reading habit in the country is to take advantage of technology and create interactive stories and stories that involve the reader to the extent that they can decide how the story will end.

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PathBooks started as a hobby and is already a business that employs five people and hundreds of writers from 10 countries. Jorge was part of one of the POSiBLE generations, MassChallenge and also participated in an acceleration program with Google Launchpad in 2018, with partners and mentors in California.

The interactive reading platform has already achieved a million downloads and more than 12,000 positive comments from readers in 100 countries.

C gainst the COVID-19

Given the difficult situation derived from COVID-19, Jorge decided to put all the pathbooks free for 40 days. The objective is that all the people who are in quarantine have free access and can make the situation more bearable. Discard the app here.

“We have been told that the reading of physical and online books has decreased in recent years throughout the world and it is precisely our idea, to make more and more literature lovers, and more, giving them the opportunity to read by going creating and modifying stories ”, says the entrepreneur. In fact, the Inegi reports that the habit of reading on digital platforms doubled from 2015 to 2019, going from 5.1% to 12%.

The platform has over 150 stories with over 1,000 different endings. It has stories for all ages, from stories for children, to science fiction, romance or horror books for young and old, with original stories and adaptations. It also has readings in English.

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