Create catalogs with WhatsApp Business and sell more this year

The feature that allows you to share your products and services on WhatsApp without having to send them one by one is now available. Catalogs let you highlight images, prices, and descriptions so your customers will know. Take advantage of it this season.

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Create catalogs with WhatsApp Business and sell more this year
Create catalogs with WhatsApp Business and sell more this year

You can now create Catalogs of your products and services and share them with your contacts without having to send them individually. This is the new feature of WhatsApp business: Catalogs with which you can present your offer to your customers more easily.

According to recent research by Facebook, 30% of Mexicans They look forward to planning most of the purchases this season from their mobile devices. And you are still on time and use this tool given the Christmas season.

In an interview, Amrit Pal, WhatsApp product manager, stated that the tool functions as a store where a business owner can show and share anything they sell. This makes it easy for customers to browse and discover something they want to buy.

Amrit Pal. Courtesy photo

“Best of all, this tool makes it possible to end up with two pains: the time it takes to ship each of the products to each customer one at a time, and also the space that this takes up on the phones.”

Amrit Pal.

This new feature also helps a customer stay on the chat and visit an external website to find out Catalog of products and services. While the business owner can provide better service.

“The Catalogs feature creates better connections between business owners and their customers. As the owner, you can upload up to 500 images to which you can add product information such as descriptions and prices, ”explains Amrit.

Steps to use catalogs

  1. Open WhatsApp Business
  2. Go to company settings
  3. Select Catalog (if it doesn’t appear, you’ll need to update your app)
  4. Add the product or service. Tap the + button to add pictures of the products you want to display. For each, add a name and a brief description. You can also add and save links and the code of each product. Your catalog is ready.
  5. Share these products with your customers directly from the catalog.

Here we share a little tutorial on how to use the tool:

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