Create a great family

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Create a great family
Create a great family

I was recently asked during a webinar where entrepreneurs should focus now in order to make their businesses more resilient. Without a doubt, I think that now and always one aspect that a business owner shouldn’t ignore is its people.

They are and will be the ones who give life to your business. Without it, the chances are that you will not be able to achieve your business goals. As an entrepreneur, you may have embarked on this great entrepreneurship adventure, but when you take the step to become an entrepreneur you will find the need to have someone to support you and solve the problems you are not facing Expert.

What do I mean by putting your employees first? What is your mood a year after the pandemic started? Have you asked so much of them to make your business survive that they are on the verge of collapse? Or, on the contrary, are they still doing their best to take your organization to the next level of their own free will?

Gallup studies show that organizations that encourage teamwork reduce absenteeism by up to 41%, increase sales by 20%, and increase productivity by 17%, making them 21% more profitable.

So business happiness and creating a good organizational climate seem like good business, right? You can start with small actions. How long has it been since you asked your team members how they were feeling? You have to look for honest answers.

First, make an accurate diagnosis to find out how your company is doing, I recently told Adriana Olmedo, Director of the Innovation Group and Telent Engagement at JeffreyGroup México. From there we need to design and implement new ways of approaching our teams.

And the fact that companies have been forced to send their employees home for the past year and many of them hadn’t tried the remote working scheme. The challenge isn’t just setting up remote meetings on a daily basis, requesting an Excel report on daily tasks performed, or sending WhatsApp to see what your employees are doing.

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The challenge is to establish real communication and exchange of views as if you were physically there and this will allow you to achieve the goals individually and collectively. Also, develop the best skills of each of your employees to help them achieve their maximum potential and give them the freedom to achieve their goals. Of course, it is important that these goals are clear in advance and also set limits. All of this so that remote work doesn’t become endless work.

According to a study by accelerator Wortev, work team leaders recognized last year the importance of assessing the efforts of their workers and having a more humane work perspective (54%). In addition, they learned to consider the well-being of their employees and to balance supervision and free work (46%).

We are on the right track. I invite you to be part of this new group of leaders creating the best corporate wellness culture.

At the end of this month we will publish the ranking of the Heroine companies of Latin America, those who cared about the well-being and satisfaction of their employees during one of the most challenging years in history.

We work at least eight hours a day. Why not have the best practices to enjoy this time and be happy like we are the best family? I have spent many years of my life with a team in which we were very happy while we were working. I wish you and your co-workers the same.

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