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Craig Wright won’t have to pay Hodlnaut $ 60,000 until the appeal is completed, the attorney says

August 14, 2020

Craig Wright, a self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin (BTC), You are apparently under no obligation to pay legal fees for a failed defamation lawsuit against the Twitter cryptocurrency enthusiast named Hodlonaut.

In an email to Cointelegraph dated August 14th Wright’s legal representative argued that he was under no obligation to pay any legal costs in the defamation suit until the Norwegian Supreme Court considered an appeal.

The spokesman said: “Craig has appealed to the Supreme Court of Norway. Craig’s Norwegian attorneys say Craig will not have to pay the costs until the appeal is resolved. “

Craig Wright won’t have to pay Hodlnaut $ 60,000 until the appeal is completed, the attorney saysCraig Wright won’t have to pay Hodlnaut $ 60,000 until the appeal is completed, the attorney says

The new comments come in response to Hodlonaut’s allegation that Wright ignored a court record asking him to pay legal fees within two weeks of the June 8 court ruling. In one Tweet On August 13, Hodlonaut argued that Wright had “not paid a penny” in two months of the verdict.

According to Hodlonaut The Norwegian Court of Appeals rejected an appeal to Wright in early June. The Twitter person went on to say that Wright was required to “combine all of the costs of both the district court and the appeals court” into one Tweet 8th June.

As previously reported, Hodlonaut is one of several crypto people indicted in multiple defamation lawsuits against Wright to prove that he is the true creator of Bitcoin. Similar cases have been filed against Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, early Bitcoin investor Roger Ver, and podcaster Peter McCormack.

Legal action against Hodlonaut was reportedly sparked by offensive tweets describing Wright as a “very sad and pathetic impostor” and claiming the Australian businessman was “clearly mentally ill”. Hodlonaut would also be involved in creating the hashtag #CraigWrightIsAFraud.

In response to initial reports of Wright’s defamation motion against Hodlonaut, the crypto community announced crowdfunding to aid Twitter’s crypto enthusiast in “unsubstantiated legal attacks.”

Blockchain entrepreneur Elizabeth Stark was apparently one of the first crypto players Hodlonaut endorsed. to announce Crowdfunding website in April 2019. As of this writing The initiative raised $ 32,430 worth of Bitcoin (BTC), far exceeding its original target of $ 20,000.

How or if these funds were used to pay for Hodlnaut’s legal fees remains uncertain, but the website states, “We met our $ 20,000 goal, but lawyers can be expensive. Please keep donating.” It also has a link to a booty store, the proceeds of which are said to go to the Legal Protection Fund.

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