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Craig Wright denies the transfer of “Satoshi” coins and is at a legal dead end

May 21, 2020

Bitcoin SV billionaire benefactor Calvin Ayre revealed who claims to be Satoshi. Craig Wright denied having removed 50 BTC from an inactive address that many believed was owned by the founder of Bitcoin.

On Wednesday an unknown part 50 BTC moves⁠ (approximately USD 486,000) from an address with mined coins just a month after the Bitcoin core network started in 2009.

But in one Twitter reply to Adam Back from BlockstreamAyre said it had nothing to do with Wright:

It was NOT Satoshi, I was only talking to him and Craig confirmed that it was not.

Possible perjury?

Craig Wright denies the transfer of “Satoshi” coins and is at a legal dead end
Craig Wright denies the transfer of “Satoshi” coins and is at a legal dead end

However, the address in question, 17XiVVooLcdCUCMf9s4t4jTExacxwFS5uh, is among the 16,000 found in a court document in Kleinman v. Wright that Wright claims for himself.

The dead end in this situation is that Wright has denied in court that he has access to the private keys of the addresses. So if he said he postponed the 50 BTC, he would be in trouble.. However, If someone else has moved the coins, it means the address is not yours and you are again in a potentially difficult legal situation.

If Ayre is believed in relation to Wright’s rejection, the latter could have serious complications in the ongoing process. The judge has questioned Wright’s credibility more than once.

Bitcoin price drops 5%

Before Ayres response, moving 50 BTC out of the inactive wallet made many in the crypto community Ask if Nakamoto has returned.

The wallet address is not linked to the creator of Bitcoin, but rather The 11-year gap in activity still resulted in a 5% drop in BTC price from $ 9,700 to $ 9,400 when the news was released.

BTC price drops ~ 5% after news of Satoshi coin movement

Wright’s rejection should contain any fear that he is going to sell a large amount of Bitcoin.. In 2018, he posted a threatening warning on Slack detailing how he would sell a “large volume of BTC” at the time of a cut in half that would lower the price.

However, others in the cryptocurrency community are very skeptical, the tokens belong to Nakamoto or Wright. Blockstream founder Adam Back He believes that if the real Satoshi liquidated some of his property, he would choose a more anonymous address.