Craig Wright can now open “Satoshi”, the encrypted file with over 800,000 BTC

Ira Kleiman’s team of lawyers claims that Dr. Craig Wright now has the option to open the encrypted file It is believed to contain the private access keys for more than 820,000 Bitcoin.

Kleiman sued Wright for BTC who allegedly mined alongside the late Dave Kleiman and now he has it. Wright says they didn’t work together.

According to court documents filed on May 21, Kleiman claims that Wright “knows how to open the encrypted file, but it won’t because it contains information about their connection with Dave and the BTC that they dismantled together. “

Craig Wright can now open “Satoshi”, the encrypted file with over 800,000 BTC
Craig Wright can now open “Satoshi”, the encrypted file with over 800,000 BTC

Kleiman said so $ 1.6 million was spent on Bitcoin (BTC). in instructions provided to the court as evidence that he had access, along with Wright’s public threats to break the Bitcoin market, something that would require access to a large amount of BTC:

Wright’s refusal to open the encrypted file tells us that he certainly knows that the content will contain records of a connection between Wright and Dave Kleiman, and that the 820,200 bitcoin on the CSW list (or other comparable amounts) are included in the association and blockchain-related intellectual property created before Dave’s death.

The CSW list, which contains 16,404 BTC addresses to which Kleiman refers, is one of three in this case. The fact that BTC was issued is in the addresses on this list: “is undeniable evidence that Wright has submitted a fraudulent / incomplete list Your BTCs as a CSW archive list and / or you have access to a list of your BTCs and the associated private keys and you lie to us. “

“Countless fraud cases in court”

“Wright was involved in a persistent pattern of perjury, false evidence, misleading records and obstacles, “the document said.

Kleiman’s team cites four cases in which Wright allegedly lied under oath, one last week when Satoshi’s plaintiff offered false documents related to his divorce. They argue that Wright’s ex-wife may have lied in support of his case.

She has a strong incentive to lie: she is financially dependent on him, she is afraid that he will interrupt her support and has therefore lied to her in the past.

The judges in the case They questioned Wright’s credibility on more than one occasion.

By criticizing the court for Impose sanctions only once, Kleiman said Wright’s “general disregard for the legal system” would continue if they were not challenged.

The document concluded:

For these reasons, the plaintiffs respectfully request that the court, based on its inherent powers, issue an order to order Dr. Get Wright and take part in a standard trial against him.

Many thanks to the Crypto Community

In the document, Kleiman’s team of lawyers recognized the Crypto community hobbyists who spent a lot of time investigating the case:

The combined effort of the authors, their lawyers, experts and a dedicated crypto community was necessary to uncover the farces, lies and misleading statements so far.

A trial is scheduled for July 6.

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