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Coworking and the home office as a financial alternative in this “new normal”

September 30, 2020

These options can represent savings in the employee’s pocket.

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Coworking and the home office as a financial alternative in this “new normal”
Coworking and the home office as a financial alternative in this “new normal”

Difficult times await us, but this will not prevent us from moving forward. In a complicated situation, the entrepreneurial universe always offers an opportunity for success and a social alternative to the complications that have arisen.

Rethinking work, education, consumer habits, housing and many other variables; It leads us to a rationale of our industry to use technology as a pyramidal foundation for progress and practical solutions that make us more efficient beings and startups.

Due to external situations and in favor of health stewardship, we are now in a scenario where we are trying to maximize any peso or profit that we collect. Extending business life by providing stability for all employees is a challenge that we are gradually avoiding.

There were likely concerns about corporate exposure. The new normal prompted us to make a decision that undoubtedly included noises such as Home office. Without being afraid of being wrong, and after the experience we’ve had at, I can assure you that our digging has been a success in terms of both productivity, synergy and communication.

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This brings us to a paradigm and at the same time we have the answer long before the problem for several years. The functionality required within a company does not require 100% of the workforce in the same physical space. He Home office It has proven to be a viable, functional, and successful model as long as you have the necessary tools, assertive communication, and the commitment of each of your employees.

Finance is usually always a sensitive issue and should be treated with caution. However, the new normal has opened up the possibility of savings on ongoing expenses. It’s not about team members making the most of their home resources. The idea is to offer an alternative for personal work. In this case, employees are the solution to many of the difficulties in Mexico City resulting from transfers, family finances, the environment, transit and more.

Providing the benefits of remote working is a shared responsibility. Every employee and manager must undertake to function properly. This does not mean that there is no permanent place. In my view, this could result in savings in ongoing expenses and, most importantly, help improve everyone’s quality of life and economy significantly.

The biggest challenge in carrying out these types of measures in the company is to establish clear two-way communication and fixed channels, to determine which functions or activities can be performed remotely, and most importantly, to create synergies with specific goals in each of the employees achieve. Trust is granted, but it needs to be strengthened as well as the bond between all members of the company.

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