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COVID-19 survival kit for restaurants

March 31, 2020

If your business is a restaurant and you need a strategy that helps you not only survive the quarantine period but also grow and strengthen your business, then this text is for you.

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COVID-19 survival kit for restaurantsCOVID-19 survival kit for restaurants

Now that growth in the service sector has slowed, many business owners don't know how to deal with the drop in sales. What worries us most is that this new crisis becomes more complicated with the passage of time and seems to have no end.

If your business is a restaurant and you need a strategy that helps you not only survive the quarantine period but also grow and strengthen your business, then this text is for you.

1. Stay calm

Don't make radical decisions like firing your staff or pulling down the curtain. As the owner, you must convey to your work team, clients and suppliers that you are aware of the situation and that, however complicated the scenario may seem, you know that together they will be able to succeed. And rest assured, remember that “This will also happen.”

2. Check your day to day

In the daily operation of a business there are certain practices that, without realizing it, take away agility and budget. Take a couple of days to check that there are no water leaks in the kitchen and toilets; Check which electrical appliances are what consume excess energy and if you can do without some, and learn to detect those inputs that are not essential to provide good service.

3. Simplify your menu

Get a simple menu consisting of cheap and easy to transport dishes. For now, pause broths and soups and go for cold dishes like fruit and vegetable salads, pastas, sandwiches, and baguettes. This will help you lower costs and for customers it will be an inexpensive, varied and easy to transport and consume food option.

4. One yes, one no

As a precautionary measure, leave an empty table for each person occupied and thus avoid contact between clients as much as possible. And so that does not mean sacrificing sales or losing diners, ask for everyone's understanding so that they do not go to the table and release places as soon as possible. I assure you that this small action may even increase your influx of customers.

5. Home delivery

Make deals with companies near your restaurant to carry food for a fixed shipping cost and thus ensure customers. Involve the team of waiters and ask them to do delivery work as it will be another way to earn tips. A good idea so you don't have to invest in disposable plates and cups is to ask your customers to bring their own plastic containers with the promise of returning them clean the next day.

6. 20 seconds

Experts say washing your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water is enough to protect you. If you do not have antibacterial gel in your restaurant, invite everyone who comes to the place to wash their hands and make sure that there is no lack of water, liquid hand soap and disposable towels in the toilets.

7. Become unique

Accompany your home orders and accounts with positive messages on small cards. Let your customers know that everyone in your restaurant works to provide quality service and appreciate the support and understanding they provide.

Remember: even in times of crisis, you can't wait to see what happens to make business decisions. What you will surely need to do now is assume that you are a leader who needs strategic thinking to grow rapidly. I invite you to put into practice this survival kit for restaurants and you will see how you can overcome this quarantine.

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