COVESTING; The investment platform for the future

Have you ever wondered how you should pertake in the spoil of so much gains that encircle trading with cryptocurrencies as many claim, but your work, life and family seem to be an impedance to what many claim to be a revolutionary part of the financialsystem or yet you’re scared of venturing into the acclaimed income swallowed of trading and losing so much funds, the solution you have been waiting for is here and it’s called COVESTING.


COVESTING is not a collective investmentscheme, Rather it is a platform for investors and cryptocurrencytraders who are looking to utilize the most advanced tradingtools and technology, as well as the combined wisdom of the community in order to achieve maximum returns in cryptocurrencymarkets.

COVESTING; The investment platform for the future
COVESTING; The investment platform for the future

What does this mean?

It simply means models would be created as a replica from a previous history of a working system that trades and yields loads of profit with the most minimal risk there is in the cryptotrading platforms.

It also means you’d have knowledge of probable reasons of almost 100% as to why there could be a spike in the value of a cryptocurrency before it actually happens if you’re already trading and is not new to the system. This is basically one big challenge most cryptotraders face owing to the volatility of the cryptocurrencymarket. There have been disclosures where people have complained of how much they lost from their savings just jumping into a cryptocurrency at a wrong time just because a friend hyped it, that’s quite disheartening but a panacea to such grave risk to ones finance is here and it’s called covesting


Fortunately for the world of traders, covesting has a running ICO which end in the second week of January, here are some reasons why you should invest in it now with the % discounts also given.

1. The COV token which is the symbol of the ERC20 token that would be offered at the end of the ICO would have it’s value attached to the commissions realised from profits and entry into the system, this for sure guarantees the rise of the COV token as this project would undoubtedly attract people from all nooks of life as the cryptocurrencymarket is gradually becoming more mainstream than it used to be in the past. These percentage of commissions which include a 2% entry commission and a 10% platform commision, would result in COV tokens being burnt and equal systemic buyback of the tokens. The % returns on estimation might range from 200% – 9000% on a quarterly basis and that’s huge, this could be higher but is not exactly what it would be as it’s an estimation.

2. The total tokens that would be generated including the tokens distributed amongst the team for a lockup period of 3 years would be is insanely low for the capacity of things the COVESTING platform would provide. This would cause a FOMO and definitely increase the value of the token to a 2 digit figure.

The total tokens would be 20,000,000 COVs, which is small and the tokens would immediately begin trading on big cryptocurrency tradingplatforms.

3. The token has been hyped by many and would definitely be hyped further for the use the tokens would be attached.

This is definitely one of those ICOs nobody should miss out on. The available % discount is 13% for a limited amount of token and that is quite huge still.

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