Coronavirus forces Facebook to cancel the F8 developer conference

The technology company will make the event virtual so that developers around the world can see it online

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Coronavirus forces Facebook to cancel the F8 developer conference
Coronavirus forces Facebook to cancel the F8 developer conference

Citing the coronavirus, Facebook is canceling F8, its annual developer conference.

“It was a difficult decision to make,” company director Konstantinos Papamiltiadis wrote in a publication on Thursday. “But we must prioritize the health and safety of our developer partners, employees and everyone who helps put F8.”

The event, which features ads for products related to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsAp p, was scheduled to take place in San Jose, California, this April. However, the current outbreak of coronavirus has disrupted trade fairs worldwide. The main obstacles have been concerns that the disease will spread through an exhibition site, along with travel restrictions that countries have established to contain the outbreak.

“We explore other ways to keep the part in person of F8, but it is important for us to organize an inclusive event and it did not seem right to have F8 without the assistance of our international developers,” Papamiltiadis said.

The company will make the F8 a virtual event that developers can attend online. “We are planning other ways for our community to meet through a combination of events, videos and live content broadcast locally. We will share additional details about our plans for F8 in the coming weeks,” Papamiltiadis added.

Another upcoming event that the coronavirus is interrupting is the Game Developers Conference, which will be held in San Francisco next month. Facebook, Sony, Electronic Arts, Unity, Microsoft and Epic have decided to withdraw from the event.

Google also plans to hold its annual developer conference in Mountain View, California, in May. We have contacted to see if the company is also considering canceling it.

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