Cordobeses are recognized in blockchain technology at the Hackathon Unitize 2020

Digital Bridge IO, a Cordovan startup made up of Javier Salomón, Mateo Hepp and Alejandro Pronotti, are the three entrepreneurs who won the “Jury Prize” at the Unitize 2020 hackathon. which took place in California, USA last July. This online event was organized by San Francisco Blockchain Week (SFBW), a global event sponsored by first-line sponsors such as Cisco, Salesforce, and the University of Berkeley Haas.

Chainlink was the company responsible for awarding the award to the Cordovan startup. This company has been selected by Gartner as one of the leading companies for blockchain technology applications, whose customers include large companies such as Google, Oracle and SWIFT.

The challenge for the SFBW was to connect smart contracts with external data to a blockchain networkThat means building a bridge between traditional systems and systems of this new technology.

Cordobeses are recognized in blockchain technology at the Hackathon Unitize 2020
Cordobeses are recognized in blockchain technology at the Hackathon Unitize 2020

For this challenge, Argentinians residing in Cordoba have has developed a second factor authentication oracle that increases the security of a specific use case (Two-Factor Authentication Oracle) Compatible with Google Authenticator, Auth0, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, Aegis Authenticator, etc.

San Francisco Blockchain is an educational, global organization aimed at both consumers and developers to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation.

Hackathon winner: Digital Bridge IO

Digital Bridge IO is a startup that connects blockchain networks with conventional systems. A service currently used by the financial sector for offerings and being rolled out in other industries as blockchain technology gains ground in various industries.

The Argentine startup was born on the initiative of the three entrepreneurs from Cordoba when they met at the E + E Foundation, a company with more than 10 years of experience focused on training and comprehensive support of entrepreneurs in business management and development, where each developed different projects and discovered common interests that later led him to found Digital Bridge IO.

Blockchain in development

Blockchain technology (Chain of Blocks) supports the famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin. By and large, it is a shared and online record management technology that is characterized by verification, security, and immobility. In general, this technology is associated with cryptocurrency transactions, but its possibilities are being considered to be implemented in various areas in the private and public sectors.

Disruptive technology enables, for example, the distributed storage of files in the “cloud”, the management of digital identities or the registration and verification of data. Other possibilities that the system opens up are automatic contract processing, monitoring of the supply chain, automated security systems or the collaborative economy.

The development of this technology has skyrocketed worldwide and has been increasing in the Republic of Argentina for several years. Several blockchain technology hackathon initiatives have already been developed in this country to train developers and blockchain enthusiasts. in building an alternative global financial and computer infrastructure that includes disruptive technologies such as Big Data, IoT, Smart Contracts, DApps and Ethereum.

Cointelegraph reported on it in February In Argentina there are companies like Zircon Tech, Zarego, Coinfabrick, Cryptologic, KoiBanx, BairesDev and Altoros that are dedicated to the development of blockchain technologyfor entrepreneurship at every stage, offers its advisory services and the development of technological solutions in various economic sectors of the South American country.

The blockchain technology ecosystem in Cordoba has made advances in initiatives based on the benefits of the production matrix. Both the provincial government and the academic and private sectors have joined the development of this technology related to cryptocurrencies to manage innovation projects, taking into account their different uses and applications, which result in the province becoming a hub for progress and innovation in Relation to blockchain solutions, not only regionally but also nationally, with the aim of promoting the development of the blockchain community in the region.

Latin America on the rise

The region has been very active in these times of narrowness due to the pandemic due to COVID-19 in terms of online technological events based on blockchain.

In addition, the region’s talent has stood out in some of the most important technological marathons in the world through advanced solutions in the blockchain.

In June last year it was announced that 3 Latinos were part of the winning team of the ‘MIT COVID-19 Challenge LATAM’. GmedChain’s proposal provides a verification and backup solution for the supply chain and hospital care during the electricity crisis.

On that occasion, the winning team had a representative from Peru, Colombia and Chile and a representative from India and the Czech Republic as part of the winning initiative in the section on the coordination, distribution and conservation of assets in the health system.

It’s not the first time the region’s representatives stand out in the blockchain ecosystem, and in Argentina, especially along with Brazil, they are the local speakers of a region whose adoption is booming beyond cryptocurrencies, with several use cases currently used in the decentralized competitive area.

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