Corbyn promises to do “everything necessary” to avoid a Brexit without agreement

The Liberal Democratic leader asks her Labor counterpart to abandon the idea of ​​being prime minister if Johnson's fall is forced

LONDON, Aug 27 (Reuters / EP) –

The British Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has promised that he will do “everything necessary” to avoid a Brexit without agreement before meeting with other deputies with a view to discussing tactics to block Boris Johnson's government plans.

According to Corbyn, an exit without agreement – with which Johnson threatens if it is not possible to renegotiate the divorce agreement before October 31 – would allow companies to obtain benefits at the expense of British voters.

Corbyn promises to do “everything necessary” to avoid a Brexit without agreement
Corbyn promises to do “everything necessary” to avoid a Brexit without agreement

“The battle to curb a Brexit without agreement is not a struggle between those who want to leave the EU and those who want to remain a member,” defended the Labor leader in an article in the newspaper 'The Independent', in which he states that an exit without agreement would leave the United Kingdom at the “mercy” of the US president, Donald Trump, and the large corporations of this country.

“It is a battle of the many against the few who are kidnapping the result of the referendum to divert even more power and wealth to those at the top. That is why the Labor Party will do everything necessary to curb the bankers of a Brexit without agreement, “he said.

The United Kingdom is heading towards an exit without agreement unless Parliament prevents it. The deputies will return from the summer recess next September 3, returning to the struggle that will determine the fate of the fifth largest world economy.

Voting in the House of Commons has made it clear on several occasions that there is a majority to support measures that stop or impede a departure without a pact. But any majority would be unstable, composed of deputies from different parties that are ideologically opposed, except to prevent a Brexit without agreement.

Jo Swinson, the Liberal Democratic leader who will attend party talks, has said Corbyn should abandon the idea of ​​trying to become a prime minister temporarily if Parliament forces the fall of the Johnson government.

“My fear is that if we end up on the stage where we have a motion of censure, I think it is less likely to win the vote if there is a prospect that Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister,” he told Sky News. “We really need to spend our precious and short time available on solutions that can work,” he said.

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