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Corbyn promises a referendum on Brexit in his first six months as prime minister

November 21, 2019

The Labor Party presents the “hope program”, focused on social court measures


The Labor Party of the United Kingdom has promised that, if it reaches the Government after the elections of December 12, it will promote a new referendum on Brexit in the first six months of its mandate and guarantee the “automatic right” of EU citizens residence and work without having to appear in any new registry.

The Labor leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has publicly presented the “program of hope” with which his party aspires to impose itself on conservatives in the next elections, upon which the shadow of the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union, now scheduled for January 31.

Corbyn promises a referendum on Brexit in his first six months as prime ministerCorbyn promises a referendum on Brexit in his first six months as prime minister

The current prime minister, Boris Johnson, has made the message “finish Brexit” one of his great campaign dogmas, but for Corbyn it is only a “fraud.” “His delivery agreement will be only the beginning of years of endless negotiations and broken promises,” said the opposition leader during the presentation of the program, according to BBC.

Corbyn wants to negotiate a “sensible agreement”, for which his training promises a “revision” of the current commitments that seeks to guarantee citizen rights, an “appropriate” transition and respect for international commitments, with special emphasis on the Agreements of Good Friday that pacified Northern Ireland.

“Once we have secured this new agreement, we will propose a binding referendum that includes the option to continue in the EU. It will take place in the first six months of the Labor government,” reads the text, which dates one of the great assets with the that Corbyn aspires to reach Downing Street.

The Labor Party also wants citizens' rights not to be used as a “currency of exchange” in the negotiations. Thus, he recognizes the “anxiety” that the process may have caused for the three million EU citizens in the United Kingdom and for the 1.2 million Britons in community territory.

Opposition training raises “to guarantee EU citizens the automatic right to continue living and working in the United Kingdom”. They will only have to register “to prove their status” if they “want”, a gesture with which Labor also wants to obtain “reciprocal” measures for British citizens residing in other countries of the bloc.

On the other hand, it also states that this new agreement would not include changes “in the status or sovereignty of Gibraltar,” the only allusion that the Labor Party makes in the entire text of its program to the Rock.


The Conservative Party has responded to the proposals through the vice minister of Interior Brandon Lewis, who has thrown in the face of Corbyn who is not more specific about his plans around Brexit. “The publication of the Labor program has confirmed what we already knew: Jeremy Corbyn does not have a plan for Brexit,” he said in a statement, according to the Reuters news agency.

Paradoxically, it is a criticism similar to the one that Labor had already raised against Johnson when, without alternatives in between, he criticized the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the Government of Theresa May.

The Labor Party, criticized in recent years for its ambiguity around the divorce between the United Kingdom and the European Union, dedicates to Brexit four of the 105 pages of its manifesto. It does not specify which position it would defend in case there was a second consultation, against for example the Democratic Liberal Party, which has positioned itself in favor of permanence in the EU.


Johnson has accused Corbyn of planning two referendums by 2020, alluding to the already confirmed consultation on Brexit and a hypothetical concession to the Scottish National Party (SNP) to re-raise Scotland's independence. The opposition leader, who has corrected himself in recent days on this issue, maintains as a final position that there will be no secessionist referendum in at least two years.

The Labor program tiptoes on the subject, although the party does point out that “Scottish independence would be devastating in economic matters and there would be few who would pay the price.” “Scotland needs a transformative investment of a Labor government, not another referendum or independence,” he explains.

The document places special emphasis on reforms and measures of a social nature, to which Labor wants to hold on to trace some surveys that place them behind the 'tories'. A survey of Ipsos Mori published on Tuesday by the newspaper 'Evening Standard' calculates an advantage of 16 percentage points in favor of Johnson's game.

In Corbyn's words, it is a “radical” program. “I am very proud of him because we have to change in this country,” he stressed in his appearance, in which he has advocated a “green transformation” of the economy and has raised nationalizations in sectors such as the railway, water, of energy or that of corridors.

Corbyn has wanted to become the defender of the working class, with promises to raise “at least 10 pounds per hour” the minimum wage and messages against the “one thousand millionaires”, whom he has claimed to assume “a fair tax burden for help finance top-level public services. ”

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