Corbyn declares himself “ready” for early elections but says his priority is to avoid a caustic Brexit

LONDON, Sep 3 (Reuters / EP) –

The leader of the United Kingdom Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, said on Tuesday that he is “ready” to compete in early elections, although he has insisted that his priority right now is to prevent Brexit from taking place on October 31 whitout deal.

“We want a general election as all parties want,” said the head of the British opposition in statements to the media.

Corbyn declares himself “ready” for early elections but says his priority is to avoid a caustic Brexit
Corbyn declares himself “ready” for early elections but says his priority is to avoid a caustic Brexit

However, he stressed that, according to Parliament's Regulation, “it is up to the Prime Minister to introduce a proposal in this regard or not and he has not yet done so.” Therefore, “the priority is to avoid an EU exit without agreement on October 31,” he said.

“We'll see what happens next,” he said. Questioned directly about whether he would support an eventual call for early elections by Prime Minister Boris Johnson has refused to clarify his position.

“Let's see what happens after this legislation has been passed. And, if elections are called, I am absolutely prepared to fight” in the eventual elections, he replied.

The 'premier' clarified on Monday that it is not in his plans to request a further postponement of Brexit, so it would inevitably occur on October 31, with or without agreement. Parliament has rejected the current pact up to three times and Johnson himself has declared against it, but the EU refuses to renegotiate it, so if both positions are maintained, there would be a way out of the braves.

In this context, the opposition parties finalize a parliamentary initiative that would give Westminster the final word on Brexit with the aim of preventing it from being without agreement. In this regard, he plans to postpone it until October 31, 2020.

According to the British press, a group of rebel 'tories', which would be growing, is considering breaking the line set by Johnson and voting in favor of the opposition initiative.

The conservative conservatives want to stop Johnson because they believe that his decision to suspend Parliament several weeks, taking advantage of the forced stop between sessions, instead of the usual four or five days, to pressure the EU could end up hurting the party.

Johnson has met Tuesday with conservative deputies to explain their reasons but, according to parliamentary sources consulted by Reuters, has not taken effect.

“He has not given a convincing explanation on how an agreement (of Brexit) could be ratified in the short period of time” between the return of Parliament and October 31, said one of the sources.

The ITV chain, on the other hand, ensures that the opposition parties have agreed to vote against a possible electoral call if the legislation necessary to prevent a chaotic Brexit has not been passed before.

“I think we will have the numbers,” said former Finance Minister Philip Hammond, one of the rebel 'tories'. “Prime Minister Johnson has always pretended that there were elections,” he said.

The head of government, however, denied it directly in his appearance on Monday. “I don't want elections, you don't want elections,” he said.

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