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Corbyn convenes a meeting with other leaders to study “all techniques” to stop Johnson

August 21, 2019


The leader of the Labor Party of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Corbyn, has invited representatives of other political formations to meet with him next Tuesday to discuss “all tactics” that can be followed to avoid an exit without agreement of the European Union.

“The chaos of Brexit without the agreement of (Prime Minister) Boris Johnson is real and disturbing,” Corbyn warned on Twitter, in a message in which he recalled that official reports that warn even of shortage scenarios already “make clear” What would be the consequences?

Corbyn convenes a meeting with other leaders to study “all techniques” to stop JohnsonCorbyn convenes a meeting with other leaders to study “all techniques” to stop Johnson

Corbyn has published the letter that he has sent to the rest of the political leaders to summon them to his office on August 27 at 11.00. The leader of the parliamentary opposition in the United Kingdom considers it “urgent” to meet before the end of the parliamentary recess, since “the country is heading for a constitutional and political storm.”

Corbyn raised last week the possibility of launching a motion of censure against Johnson to place himself as prime minister, requesting a new extension of Brexit to the European Union and leading the United Kingdom to early elections.

His plan was met with suspicion, not so much for the viability of a motion that is gaining more and more strength in Westminster, but for the possibility of raising Corbyn at the helm of the Government. The Liberal Democratic Party has advocated seeking a consensus candidate.

Activating a motion of censure implies the implementation of a mechanism in which consensus would be the key, given that the parliamentary triumph of this initiative would not be enough to expel Johnson. If there is no alternative proposal that obtains the support of the majority of the House of Commons, Johnson would remain in office and submit to a new vote within 14 days.

If Johnson loses this second vote and there is still no alternative option, early elections must be held within seven weeks of the motion of censure. This route would open the door to a few elections in November, later on the day of Brexit if a new extension is not agreed.

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