Corbyn advocates stopping “politically” Johnson from Tuesday


The leader of the British Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has assured that starting next Tuesday, date of return to work in the House of Commons, he will try to “politically arrest” Prime Minister Boris Johnson to prevent an exit without agreement of the European Union.

“What we are going to do is try to politically arrest him on Tuesday with a parliamentary process, legislating to prevent a departure without agreement and to prevent Parliament from closing in this crucial period,” Corbyn explained to the media.

Corbyn advocates stopping “politically” Johnson from Tuesday
Corbyn advocates stopping “politically” Johnson from Tuesday

Corbyn has acknowledged that any attempt is to take measures “quickly”, to the extent that the House of Commons will be active about a week before it interrupts its activities by the prime minister's decision, according to 'The Guardian'.

For the Labor leader, who has not confirmed whether he will immediately promote a motion of censure, the parliamentary suspension is a democratic affront by Johnson, who has repeatedly expressed his willingness to remove the United Kingdom from the EU on the 31st of October whatever happens.

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