Copernic Space and Lunar Output present a space trading project with NFT

Copernic space and lunar outpost They will launch the public sale of a tokenized payload space on a lunar lander that will fly to the moon in the fourth quarter of 2022.

According to an announcement broadcast on Wednesday Blockchain space team Copernic Space and space robotics company Lunar Output will sell the payload space on board the spacecraft in the form of NFTs.

Corporate and retail buyers can purchase, split and resell NFT payload space on the Lunar Outpost M1 MAPP rover.

Copernic Space and Lunar Output present a space trading project with NFT
Copernic Space and Lunar Output present a space trading project with NFT

Ownership of the NFT is reportedly transferring ownership of the payload compartment within the lander in kilograms (kg).

In conversation with Cointelegraph, the co-founder and CEO of Copernic Space, Grant Blaisdell, said that the sale was 3.5 kg of available payload space with a. will cover initial retail price of $ 4.25 million per kilogram.

According to Blaisdell, the right to use the payload space requires a purchase of at least 100 g. However, the Copernic Space CEO announced that smaller purchases were possible, stating:

“You can buy much smaller and split quantities, whether it’s 10 grams or 1/10 gram. I mean, the unique oddity of owning some part of a permanently finite asset on the moon is literally in space, but the intrinsic oddity comes from the specific space application itself. If your payload space has a real payload, all associated NFTs will have one additional level of uniqueness compared to those who don’t. “

Blaisdell also commented on the ability to split the NFT payload compartment into smaller pieces to make the asset even more accessible to potential buyers. In fact, Blaisdell told Cointelegraph that The fractional NFT model is applied to other space resources, including rovers and satellites.

According to the announcement, Copernic Space and Lunar Output are planning to launch additional NFTs that will provide more access to the rover after the moon landing.

As Cointelegraph previously reported, fractional NFT projects have grown in importance in recent months. seemingly lowering the barrier to owning popular non-fungible token assets.

Nevertheless, Some regulators say that fractional NFTs can be investment contracts that convert them into securities.

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