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Convert your time into productivity with these 10 habits

April 19, 2020

Are you easily distracted and the hours fly by? Develop these qualities that will allow you to be more effective.

In today's dynamic world, learning to do more in less time is key to personal and professional development. Effective and successful people have several habits in common. And the best: you can also develop them.

We share some of the qualities that will help you be more effective in your day to day:

1. Say 'no' to distractions. Forever.

Convert your time into productivity with these 10 habitsConvert your time into productivity with these 10 habits

Successful people know how to use their time better because they are disciplined and know how to set their goals. I also speak of those people who do not have low moments; Yes, there is time for vacations and for the family, but they know how to balance it and they do not allow themselves to have unproductive moments.

To be highly effective you need to learn to focus and avoid things that distract you (such as your gadgets, noise, chat conversations, social networks or emails). There will surely be things you don't enjoy doing, but you know you have to finish them. Therefore, being organized and disciplined is essential.

2. Read something new every day

Successful and creative people read constantly, and find mentors who teach them, valuing all the information they receive and can serve them in the future. Also, the habit of reading will help increase your comprehension, imagination, synthetic ability and other skills such as spelling and grammar.

3. Accept your mistakes and keep going

Fail as many times as necessary. Everybody fails from time to time; It's part of life. But when you do, don't give up or waste your time. What separates successful people from ordinary people is the ability to get up and start again over and over, with a better plan for success.

You must also learn to accept that perfection does not exist. So don't waste your time searching for it.

4. get up early

The most proactive and effective people usually get up early . By taking advantage of mornings in a better way you can finish your things on time, as well as having hours to exercise, work and be with your family.

5. Follow the 80/20 rule

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to spend their time attending to all matters. However, it is important that you understand that, just like in sales, 20 percent of your actions will produce 80 percent of your results. Therefore it is key that you establish priorities and work on the things that generate more money or greater opportunities for the future.

6. Take care of your body

The body is the machine that allows us to execute and work; and like any machine, it requires maintenance. To have good energy levels and a good physical condition (which leads to a mental one) it is important that: you take care of your diet , trying to consume protein and plenty of water, and to reduce processed foods; exercise at least 30 minutes a day, and stretching every hour; and try to sleep well, trying to go to bed early and relaxing to get a good sleep.

7. Learn to delegate

This is an especially difficult point for entrepreneurs who treat their business like their “baby”. You must understand that you cannot do everything by yourself and that you need to trust others to complete your tasks and achieve your goals. A truly effective person knows how to surround himself with talented people, who can fulfill some responsibilities even better than himself.

8. Do not accumulate pending

Having your calendar full or your desk covered in post-its with earrings is a sign that you are procrastinating and leaving everything for later. Although it is important that you set priorities, try to accomplish certain tasks in the moment. This will avoid mental worries that only deconcentrate and distract you from what is important.

9. Identify when to walk away

Although highly effective people stand out for working quickly and with attention, it is also important to know when to take a break and momentarily walk away from work. This will allow you to regain focus, refresh your mind, and avoid stagnations of creativity and productivity.

10. Define goals

Effective people have well established short, medium and long term goals. Even on a daily basis. Every day set new goals that challenge you and keep you motivated. For example, for today you could propose to make 10 calls to new clients and 5 to current clients. The idea is that you set yourself the goal of being more effective every day.

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