Conte promises a “better” Italy and urges the new Government to put aside litigation and grudges


The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, appeared on Monday before Parliament to request his endorsement to the new Government of coalition between the 5 Star Movement (M5S) and the Democratic Party (PD) with the promise of working for a “better” Italy within the framework of a new “reforming station” for the country.

After presenting its new Cabinet on Thursday, Conte and its ministers must receive on Monday the endorsement of Parliament to complete the legislature initiated in March 2018 after the hitherto Interior Minister Matteo Salvini forced the coalition break between the M5S and the League at the end of August.

Conte promises a “better” Italy and urges the new Government to put aside litigation and grudges
Conte promises a “better” Italy and urges the new Government to put aside litigation and grudges

The head of Government has taken the opportunity to invite the two parties in the Government to “put aside new selfishness and old grudges” and work “with an eye on the future” of Italy. In this regard, he has acknowledged that there will surely be “very hard times” for the coalition but has trusted that its members will not fall into the “controversies.”

Thus, he has argued that the issues and proposals should be discussed “always at the institutional headquarters”. “Let us show the citizens that we are sincerely and intensely committed to changing the country, without letting ourselves be distracted for other reasons,” he concluded, in a clear allusion to the differences between the M5S and the League and largely resolved through of social networks and the media.

According to Conte, the Italians would not understand that the new government wasted time in “litigation and disagreements.” He has also appealed to the responsibility of the political class in general, and also of the press, and has promised that his Government will always work on the basis of the principles and values ​​set forth in the Constitution and that, according to him, “are not negotiable. “.

The prime minister has presented himself as the “guarantor and first responsible” of the government program agreed between the M5S and the PD, “a reform project that seeks to revive the country in terms of development, innovation and social equality,” reports the AdnKronos news agency.

Conte has reviewed the “many challenges” facing the new Executive in all areas. In the economic one, he has referred to the budget, whose priority objective, he has admitted, “will be to avoid the automatic rise in VAT” in 2020 and has also referred to the minimum wage.

“Our project is not limited to the strictly economic and financial field, but also extends to issues of rights, institutional, security, justice and protection of common goods,” he stressed.

Along these lines, it has advanced that the Government plans to submit to the Chamber of Deputies a debate on the constitutional bill to reduce the number of parliamentarians “and has promised the revision of the security decrees promoted by the previous Government and in particular by Salvini, which among other things provides fines for NGOs that rescue migrants in the Mediterranean and take them to the Italian coast.

The migratory phenomenon, he added, will be managed “with rigor and responsibility”, while at the same time defending an “effective solidarity between the EU member states, so far announced but not yet realized”.

Conte has defended the EU, “a project that has assured us peace, prosperity and greater opportunities for our citizens” while promising to continue to maintain transatlantic relations, and in particular with the United States, and expand them with “the great world actors” like India, Russia and China.

While Conte intervened before the Chamber of Deputies, thousands of people have concentrated on the square in front of it to demand the holding of early elections called by the right-wing Brothers in Italy. According to AdnKronos, members of this party and the League have participated in the protest, including Salvini

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