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Consum has started a charity project in Castellón together with FoodRation4All with the support of blockchain technology

August 23, 2020

Consum and FoodRation4All have pioneered the project “Nobody without their daily ration”It’s an innovative social awareness initiative that digitizes the food donation process. To do this, they use advanced technologies such as blockchain technology and rely on the experience of donors. who will be able to make financial donations for the representative values ​​of the products and groceries in the supermarket.

Without a doubt, it is an innovative pilot system to donate food in a virtual way and to promote the integration of people at risk of social exclusion. This initiative was also supported by the Castellón Food Bank, the Jaume I University in Castellón, the Provincial Council of Castellón and the City Council. The information was published in a press release.

The money raised from the donations is valued by the social institutions, who turn it into wallet cards to distribute “strictly and controlled” among their beneficiaries so that they themselves are “with full dignity”. Access to the supermarket to buy the products – perishable and non-perishable – that they need, as reported by the UJI in a statement.

A project that aims to influence social awareness

Consum has started a charity project in Castellón together with FoodRation4All with the support of blockchain technologyConsum has started a charity project in Castellón together with FoodRation4All with the support of blockchain technology

This is an awareness and social impact project that aims to digitally transform the current food donation process using advanced technologies to enhance the experience of those who want to collaborate. To this end, advanced technologies are used to improve the donation experience.

Consum is the largest cooperative in the Spanish Mediterranean region. It has 755 franchise-owned supermarkets spread across Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia and Aragon. In 2019 the company achieved sales of 2,935 million euros, 7.4% more, and a profit of 54.6 million euros. With more than 3.4 million customer partners and 16,031 employees, Consum is the only sales company with the Family Responsible Company Certificate (Efr).

Carmen Picot, Executive of Institutional Relations of Consum, said, “It is an initiative that will allow us to express our cooperative’s social commitment to the most vulnerable groups and improve the current technology-based food donation system ever more present and more necessary to facilitate day-to-day management. The idea is to simplify food donation processes and put the technology at the service of the entire chain. “

Technology makes the donation process easier

Financial donations can be made via the digital donation machine in the Consum supermarket in Calle Herrero No. 51 in Castellón de la Plana or via the “Nobody without a daily ration” app., available for Google Play and Apple Store and activated from anywhere without having to go to a supermarket.

Donors can know at any time what condition their donation is in, whether it has already been consumed and in which supermarket the beneficiary made the purchase.

The money collected is managed by the Castellón Food Bank, which transfers it to wallet cards that can be exchanged in a consumer shop.. These are strictly distributed among the beneficiaries. Basic and infant hygiene products will also be included.

The traceability of donations is controlled via a blockchain platform that was developed exclusively for the projectThis is a fact that makes the whole system transparent from the time of donation to the use of the wallet cards in the supermarkets themselves.

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