Community members integrate “Play to Win” functions into the Dark Forest game

The players ofl decentralized real-time strategy game Dark Forest has introduced new and innovative ways to earn cryptocurrencies in the virtual ecosystem.

According to a Tweet by programmer Blaine Bublitz. The developer found that Broadcast Market is the first plugin that has its own smart contract and is directly compatible with Dark Forest.

Bublitz added that he and his collaborator Jacob Rosental, “Project Sophon”, intend to develop additional add-ons for the game in the future.and thanked Dark Forest for supporting his work.

Community members integrate “Play to Win” functions into the Dark Forest game
Community members integrate “Play to Win” functions into the Dark Forest game

Dark forest praise The plugin as an example of the possibilities that decentralization offers emphasizes the players -not just the official Dark Forest developers- can expand the playability and functionality of the DApp::

“Thanks to interoperability, anyone can add new functionality to a decentralized game, not just the original developers. This is literally impossible in traditional games. “

Dark Forest is a real-time strategy game about conquering space in which players discover and capture planets in an infinite procedurally generated crypto universe.

It was created on Ethereum with zk-SNARKs to provide evidence of zero knowledge. The cryptography secures the hashes that are created to represent the positions of the planets in the smart contract.

The Sophon Project has developed a streaming marketplace where players can find the location of a planet in the Dark Forest universe every 24 hours.. Competitive players need more than just a single streamed planet, so users can now earn xDAI by simply grazing a planet for another player, the website explained.

xDAI is a derivative of MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin, which is hosted on an Ethereum Layer 2 sidechain of the same name and offers fast and inexpensive transactions.. The Sophon Project stated that it would take 20% of the listing commission paid by broadcast request creators to post to the broadcast market.

Massive multiplayer online game launched in August 2020and it was recently updated to version 0.6 on May 21st.

Other blockchain gaming platforms that promote the mechanics of the sweepstakes are Axie Infinity, a play-to-win virtual world populated by collectable fantasy creatures represented as non-fungible tokens.

Cointelegraph reported on it on May 3rd Pseudo-digital landowner and cryptocurrency whale Flying Falcon had sponsored 50 Axie Infinity players based in emerging markets.

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