Colombia’s ecosystem had its place at the Blockchain Summit Latam 2020

As part of the second session of the blockchain summit Latam Online 2020, a panel took place in which several references from Colombia took part. The panelists were: Daniel Villarroel, lawyer and advisor at; Arley Lozano, CEO of the Panda Group; and Angel Rendón, Co-Founder and CTO of Tru Group. The moderation was chaired by Mauricio Tovar, Co-Director of InTIColombia.

Arley Lozano spoke about the relationship between the crypto ecosystem and the traditional banking system. “The situation at the banks has improved somewhat,” he said.

On the other hand he said that On behalf of the Panda Group, they are trying to penetrate Colombia’s regulatory sandpit with three actors. However, he said, “Something we’ve been doing for four years doesn’t need a sandpit, and we’re doing it right. We don’t need a regulator telling us what to do. ”

Colombia’s ecosystem had its place at the Blockchain Summit Latam 2020
Colombia’s ecosystem had its place at the Blockchain Summit Latam 2020

On the other hand, Daniel Villaroel spoke about the importance of the educational problem. And he named programs at various universities. He also said there is greater adoption and knowledge of users in general, technology and use cases. He also said that there are different approaches from a regulatory perspective. “Several myths and fears have been eliminated, many of them unfounded,” he said.

Ángel Rendón referred to the topic of software development: “One interesting strategy was to develop applications with the government sector that enabled them to see the potential of the technology not only from a financial perspective, but also from a diversified perspective.”


When asked about Colombian projects in crypto and blockchain, Daniel Villaroel replied: “We have immense potential. Tools, more knowledge and better educated people have been generated in the ecosystem. ”

Arley Lozano emphasized the professionalization. And he cited as examples that there are more exchanges, payment processors, smart contract development, etc.

For his part, Rendón stated: “Financial applications are perhaps more mature in the Colombian context. But developments and ventures based on blockchain are still in their infancy. There is potential and resources. “

Devcon in Bogotá

A topic that came up in the lecture It is the next realization of the Ethereum event known as Devcon, which will take place in Bogotá in 2021. In this context, Rendón said: “I think this is an opportunity not just for Colombia, but for the entire region.”

Then he added, “I have to insist that we can have the best business and startup ideas, but we need developers who can make the ideas tangible. That is why we have taken on a titanic task of promotion and education with the Blockchain Foundation Colombia. “

Arley Lozano emphasized that this event is a conference that is more aimed at developers and programmers and that should be used.

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