Colombia uses the army on the border with Venezuela because of clashes with dissidents

The Colombian Defense Ministry has ordered the deployment of military troops on the border with Venezuela, a decision taken in the context of clashes that have been going on for days between the Bolivian National Armed Forces (FANB) and Colombian dissident groups.

This was entrusted by the commander of the 8th Division of the Colombian Army, Mauricio Zabala, who has stated at length that the mobilization of troops is intended to ensure the safety of the Venezuelan people who are fleeing the fighting and seeking refuge in the department of Arauca.

It will also “verify” that “members of the remaining organized armed groups (GAOR) attacked on Venezuelan territory will not mix with the displaced population,” said Zabala, Caracol Radio reported.

Colombia uses the army on the border with Venezuela because of clashes with dissidents
Colombia uses the army on the border with Venezuela because of clashes with dissidents

For his part, the governor of Arauca, José Facundo Castillo, warned that “unscrupulous” people would seek humanitarian aid for the Venezuelan refugees in the municipality of Arauquita.

“I urge the agencies to identify the people who need help very well,” he said, while at the same time encrypting the Venezuelans present in the city with 3,900, according to the data of the “Firefighters, UNHCR” and other NGOs. “With this in mind, the local authorities will conduct a ‘census’ to prevent people who were not displaced by the fighting from benefiting from humanitarian aid.

While the National Assembly of Venezuela has denied allowing “irregular groups” to be present at the border, it rejects the allegations made by Colombian President Iván Duque in this regard.

In a statement by the President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, the legislature “strongly condemned” the aggression of criminal groups from Colombia against the people of Victoria in the state of Apure on Venezuelan territory.

The text, which shows its support for the President of Venezuela and Defense Ministers Nicolás Maduro and Vladimir Padrino, respectively, among other authorities, stresses that the actions of these “irregular groups” are the result of 70 years of armed conflict in Colombia. “The Colombian state did not know or did not want to solve it peacefully, which is causing collateral damage to its neighboring countries,” reports the newspaper “El Universal”.

Finally, it urged the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take “relevant” international measures to denounce “the aggression of Venezuela” before human rights organizations.

The clashes that Venezuela ended in the face of the “defeated” dissidents continued this Thursday. On the first day of the clashes, on Sunday, around 30 people were arrested by Venezuelan troops. The arrests were classified as “arbitrary” by Fundaredes as they concerned farmers who were not involved in the incidents.

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