Colombia is the preferred target for ransomware attacks in Latin America

A study published on May 28 by the Colombian National Police showed this Ransomware attacks are a growing trend across the country. The report states that the 30% of all ransomware attacks in Latin America occur in Colombia.

The report, created in collaboration with Cisco, McAfee, Microsoft, Absolute, Fortinet and Claro, He claims that the ransomware threat is “underestimated” in Colombia.

The number of attacks follows Peru (16%), Mexico (14%), Brazil (11%) and Argentina (9%), and small and medium-sized companies are the goals Favorites of cybercriminals.

Colombia is the preferred target for ransomware attacks in Latin America
Colombia is the preferred target for ransomware attacks in Latin America

The study shows that the 83% of companies in the country have no logs the response needed to resolve the information security policy violation.

Email phishing: the primary method of attack

Bulk delivery of phishing emails remains the preferred method for attackers. A high click rate comes from victims who Open links to the attached ransomware.

The main threat is Lockscreen ransomware, This prevents the use of the target system by blocking the start screen. It also avoids protection against virus protection and firewalls.

Other types of attacks include Encryption ransomware, master boot record ransomware, web server encryption ransomware and mobile device ransomware.

Redemption payments usually vary between 0.5 and 5 bitcoin (BTC), depending on the current price of the cryptocurrency.

More than $ 1 million was stolen from Ramsonwares in 2019

The National Police said that Criminals raised between 300 million and 5 billion Colombian pesos (USD $ 80,300 – USD $ 1,134,000) in 2019 due to ransomware attacks.

The study also says that the COVID-19 crisis has helped increase the number of ransomware attacks in the country., a pattern that has been repeated in other countries.

Cointelegraph also reported on March 14 of a report from DomainTools that revealed new ransomware that was being used an android application to install an attack on smartphones and tablets.

Antivirus software provider in Slovakia ESET also discovered a trojan that can steal cryptocurrencies This is very common in Latin America.

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