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Colombia is claimed as an example in the management of migration crises with “respect for human dignity”

October 2, 2019


The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Commerce of Colombia, José Manuel Restrepo, has claimed on Wednesday that the country has become “an example for Humanity” in the management of migration crises with “respect for human dignity” for their attention To the Venezuelans.

“What Colombia has been doing is a message not only for Colombians, but for Humanity, how a migration crisis is handled with generosity, solidarity and respect for human dignity,” said Restrepo at the Forum America, organized by Europa Press and Communication Study and sponsored by INDRA.

Restrepo recalled that Colombia is the main recipient of Venezuelan migrants, with 1.5 million of the more than 4 million who have left the country in recent years. “It is not a smaller sum,” he stressed. “It is a new Spanish city that appears in two years,” he said.

Specifically, it has referred to the impact that the massive arrival of Venezuelans in the labor market has had, where “the possibility of a national job being replaced with a Venezuelan job” is generated.

It also has a positive derivative, he has indicated. Most Venezuelans who have arrived in Colombia are in “working age”, which could allow the recipient country to benefit from the so-called demographic boom, which favors economic growth.

However, Restrepo has clarified that for Colombia the crisis of Venezuelan migrants is not an economic issue, but one of defense of democracy. “We have to achieve the restoration of democracy in Venezuela. Democracy cannot continue to be the main protagonist,” he urged.

The head of Commerce, Industry and Tourism has defended in this sense the Colombian initiative, which consists in establishing a “diplomatic siege” to the Government of Nicolás Maduro, also appealing to the “multilateral efforts”. “The day that is achieved,” he said, “it opens up a huge possibility for a country like Colombia,” which could see its exports increased by 4 to 5 percent only to Venezuela.

In this regard, he said that “companies that are committed to the development of Colombia, for example, at the border, will also have the opportunity to be protagonists” in the reconstruction of the business fabric of Venezuela.

“The message of Colombia is of conviction and construction of democratic values ​​in Latin America and in the world, that Venezuela has to restore democracy and that migratory phenomena must be managed with generosity, solidarity and respect for human dignity,” he said. settled.