Colombia closes another day of mostly peaceful protests against the government

After a new day of protests and peaceful demonstrations in Colombia on Wednesday 19 May, some areas, such as some sectors of Bogotá or cities such as Medellín, have registered riots and clashes with the security forces.

In the capital, four people were arrested after clashes near the Portal Suba Transmilenio train station, while civil unrest has also broken out in the Portal Américas train station, as far as the government secretariat has verified some suspected internal arrests.

The authorities of Bogotá have published a daily compensation in which they have highlighted that more than 8,000 people took to the streets in 15 districts, including the National Park, Plaza de Bolívar, the Monument of Heroes – – one of the points with the largest Concentration – the Hippies Park or the El Campín Stadium.

Colombia closes another day of mostly peaceful protests against the government
Colombia closes another day of mostly peaceful protests against the government

In addition, they have elaborated that more than 95 percent of the protests were conducted peacefully in the midst of cultural events, concerts and artistic performances. In particular, the authorities have indicated that no Transmilenio station was burned, although various vehicles and materials from the public transport network were destroyed.

In Medellín, a confrontation between demonstrators and the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (Esmad) left several injured, and the city’s mayor videotaped how a group called “First Line” destroyed various areas of the city .

Clashes continued throughout the day in Buenaventura, in the Valle del Cauca department, although in the afternoon two people died and several were injured after being registered between the protesters and Esmad who tried to raise a blockade.

On the other hand, the National Strike Committee that convened the demonstrations has accused the Colombian Congress of repealing the government’s proposal for health reform against the “social pressure” of the protests.

In this sense, the President of the Central Unitary of Workers CUT has celebrated that “to fight peacefully in Colombia if it pays off, because since the beginning of the national strike we have seen the case of tax reform, we have seen the Minister of Finance Alberto Carrasquilla falls strong, energetic and peaceful as a result of social mobilization, “Caracol Radio collects.

This Wednesday day ends with the prospect of the meeting that the Colombian government and the National Strike Committee will hold tomorrow in a third meeting since the protests began, and since that Sunday they have started a series of “scouting meetings” with the sights set up a negotiating table.

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