“Creation of decentralizedtools for reliable and safe investment in crypto assets”

When and why was Coinvest created?

Disappointed with the complexity, fragmentation and quality of the available investment opportunities of the cryptocurrency, Coinvest was determined to democratize the cryptoconversions , creating tools that allow consumers to smoothly, reliably and safely invest and use cryptotovolume.

Investing in the cryptocurrency is an extremely complex and intensive process today. The exchange requires the authorization of KYC, which can take hours (if not days) for verification. Coinvest legally bypasses the KYC process, with the franchised contract of Coinvest is the custodian of your deposited funds.


Coinvest creates a future where users have one platform, one wallet and one token (COIN), allowing anyone to create a digitalinvestment portfolio for many cryptocurrencies. Thus, the costs, risks and complexity associated with investing in cryptocurrencies on centralized exchanges or in investmentfunds are reduced.

Centralized third parties, which are more often necessary in traditional cases, using investments, that are replaced by clever contracts that will act as stand-alone agents and programmatically compensate all users, investors and owners within the whole Coinvest ecosystem.

Coinvest is a new method of investing in cryptoactive assets. Users can actually invest in cryptoactive assets without the need for exchange, the presence of some wallets or a centralized third party.

Coinvest also has a number of special advantages compared to funds and other cryptocurrencies. One example is the lack of interaction with the third parties and the absence of verification of KYC / AML. Coinvest also has short sales and other excellent functions.

= Secured securit =

Is the Investments is is is is is is is is Is is Is Is Is Is is is Made Through is the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the All Coinvestplatformare supported by the cryptonized assets by by by by by. To ensure liquidity, Coinvest uses two reserves. Investments will be carried out only on the basis of available assets in the reserve. The percent of the company‘s revenue is based on the amount of money that can be paid on the purchase price.

= Diversification =

Unlike current exchanges, Coinvestoffers index funds that contain a portfolio of cryptonal assets associated with such components as market capitalization, industry and so on. Index fundsallowusers to invest without an individual and active purchase of assets. Meanwhile, providing a broad market risk, low operating costs and a low portfolio turnover.

= Convenience =

Secure storage of crypto assets is mandatory. Some coins and tokens have different standards and require different purses. As a consumer, you need to choose between different options for the wallet (for example, hot, cold, paper, etc.) This depends on the risks you are prepared for. With Coinvest there is no storage of investment assets, since all portfolios are completely digital.

= Functionality =

Prices in cryptocurrencies can be extremely unstable. Currently, there are limitedinvestment options that allowusers to perform purchase options, such as short and price limits. Coinvest is one of the first in the industry to offer this functionality.

= Autonomy =

Currently, there are no investmentfunds that allowinvestors to oversee and invest in the index of kriptonized assets created by themselves. Current investments, the index and mutual funds are managed by the third-partyasset managers and do not provide the flexibility and control of the fund itself. Personal indexed funds on Coinvest giveusers the opportunity to control assets, the percentage of distribution, recalculations and withdrawal of their own fund.

= Command =

The projectteam includes experienced professionals and industry consultants.

The team is headed by Damon Nam, who picked up an excellent team of specialists in various fields.

= About ICO =

Pre-ICO 11.12-31.12

ICO January 2018

Price of the token on ICO 1 ETH = 300 COIN

= Visit =

Official website: https://coinve.st/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CoinvestHQ/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinvestHQ

Medium: https://medium.com/@CoinvestHQ

My profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1294070

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