Cointelegraph joins the Strategic Intelligence Network of the World Economic Forum

We are happy to announce this Cointelegraph has joined the World Economic Forum’s content intelligence network as a content partnerand offers the latest news from the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, market analysis and opinions in its highly developed and broad knowledge base.

Launched in 2019 Strategic Intelligence uses a combination of professional and AI-driven analysis to select ideas from expert groups, institutions and the media around the world. Users can use dynamic transformation maps to more effectively and interactively manage the complex and interconnected global issues affecting the world, such as hunger, poverty, energy, healthcare, climate, world trade and finance, so that developers and policy makers can see how solutions intertwine and separate the signal from the noise.

Cointelegraph joins a vibrant and global network of carefully selected expert groups, research institutes and publishers who are leaders in their field, such as the World Trade Institute, Rand Corporation, the University of Cambridge, the Pew Research Center and Harvard Kennedy School and the like World Resources Institute.

Cointelegraph joins the Strategic Intelligence Network of the World Economic Forum
Cointelegraph joins the Strategic Intelligence Network of the World Economic Forum

The WEF has long recognized blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as potential tools to address some of these ongoing issues, from securing confidence in world trade to eliminating supply chain violence. The blockchain transformation map, curated by Imperial College London, contains news and analysis from leading sources in space.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies were highlighted in discussions at the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 20-24. The main conclusions of the event include an intensified discussion about the regulation of the cryptocurrency industry and a keen interest in the research and development of the central bank’s digital currencies. In April, the WEF released a report outlining how blockchain technology after COVID-19 can help revitalize the global economy. In early May, Cointelegraph interviewed Nadia Hewett, blockchain and digital currency project manager at the WEF, about how blockchain technology can help repair the fragile global supply chain.

Since 1971, the WEF has provided the world’s leading companies, builders and industry experts with the information they need to navigate in an uncertain future and solve the ever-present challenges of humanity.

At Cointelegraph, we believe that solving the seemingly unsolvable global challenges of our time is a collective effort that requires the best tools and knowledge for the job. We are honored and inspired to contribute to the WEF’s mission to move forward towards sustainability and shared prosperity in society.

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