CoinMetro: One stop crypto-investing and exchange platform

Coin Metro is a one stop crypto-investment platform and will hold an ICO on February 21. In the following, I will introduce the project and the tokensale.

What is CoinMetro?

CoinMetro is a one-of-a-kind investing platform that will utilize a tokenized ecosystem to service both professional traders and investors as well as, crypto novices who are interested in joining the market. CoinMetro will also issue their own Coin Metro debit cards that will provide instant cash withdrawals across millions of ATMs around the world. The platform will offer instant fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat deposits and withdrawals. In addition to the exchange platform, CoinMetro also sports investing services found in traditional finance markets. Investors can purchase ECTFs (Electronically Traded Crypto Funds) similar to ETFs where they can invest in “baskets” of digital assets based on criteria like riskiness of assets and the industry an asset is in. Users will also be able to earn returns by investing in Tokenized Asset Management baskets. Token Asset Management is a successful managed account model that was created by FXPIG which would partner a user with a pro trader to grow their portfolio. All in all, the goal for CoinMetro, is to ensure an easy, user friendly one stop platform for investors.

How does CoinMetro work (Coin Value Derived)

CoinMetro will utilize their own token called “COIN” (XCM token) as a base for trading. All services and fees on the platform will be paid using COIN, an ERC-20 token. A percentage of each fee payment will be burned, which will ensure the supply decreases when trading volumes increase which will inevitably increase the value of the circulating supply of tokens. To provide market growth and stability to the price of XCM, 20% of FXPIG and CoinMetros net profits will be used to buy XCM which CoinMetro calls their buyback program. The goal of the buyback program and the individual Coin is to stabilize the price of COIN, support market growth, and to encourage trading.

Team & Advisors

CoinMetro: One stop crypto-investing and exchange platform
CoinMetro: One stop crypto-investing and exchange platform

CoinMetro has a strong team and has strong financial connections with banks and other financial institutions due to Kevin Murcko being the CEO of the forex trading platform. The major advantage Coin Metro has is its proactive positioning to abide to legal regulations

  • Kevin Murcko, a CEO of already established forex broker FXPIG
  • Timur Khakimov | Lead Developer
  • Anton Corbin | Senior Blockchain Developer
  • Rory Baxter | Senior WebApp Develooper
  • DunHao Zhuang | Senior Front End Developer
  • Giovanni Ziccardi | Marketing Team Leader
  • Biljana | Senior Social Media Specialist
  • Mikko Kauhanen | Senior Digital Growth Specialist
  • Sylvain Legay | CFO

Token Sale Format + Token Distribution

CoinMetro has already offered a Pre-ICO token sale and is offering another flash sale this week. The public ICO sale is on February 21. The total circulating supply is 500,000,000 and the Total COIN breakdown is below.

50% of all tokens will be sold in the ICO and 10% were sold in a public presale. The team will receive 10% of tokens and 2.5% will be used for advisors. 20% of the tokens are used to ensure platform liquidity while 7.5% are used for community rewards.


Crypto is still in its early stages and heavy regulation around the world is on its way. CoinMetro’s connection with forex puts it in a very good position. CoinMetro will also offer unique investment options, such as Crypto-ETFs and Tokenized Asset Management, which are services not currently offered in the market and will entice novice investors to invest. With real customer support, fast, scalable and secure transactions, low transaction fees CoinMetro will be an industry leader. FXPIG was the first FX broker to push transparency and really focus on their clients profitability, we can expect the same attributes with CoinMetro in the crypto space. Lastly, CoinMetro has experience working with banks, managing liquidity, analyzing markets, building key relationships, and running companies. The potential CoinMetro sees for blockchain technology is to advance the crypto space through integration, accessibility and mass adoption.



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