Clorox appoints new managing director

Linda Rendl is currently the company’s president, but will assume her position as CEO on September 14 this year.

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Clorox appoints new managing director
Clorox appoints new managing director

Because of the SARSCoV2 pandemic Clorox It has become a protagonist in brand cleaning in recent months. Even the company’s search for Google products has skyrocketed since January Merca 2.0.

With this in mind, Linda Rendle has been appointed as the new CEO of The Clorox Company, which will take office on September 14, 2020 and will face all the problems and benefits that the pandemic will bring.

Although Clorox is well positioned in the market, not everything is rosy, because theories generated around this product that cause people to intentionally consume and ignore it, complaints also threaten the consequences of this action may have.

Rendle is currently President of The Clorox Company, responsible for managing the company’s development, marketing, sales and production supply strategy.

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