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Clip presents his plan to support the business in Mexico

May 22, 2020

The # SeguimosJuntoATi plan consists of four pillars with the aim of supporting companies and reaffirming their adaptability in difficult times. It highlights its new platform called Remote Payments Clip.

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Clip presents his plan to support the business in Mexico
Clip presents his plan to support the business in Mexico

To help companies with COVID-19 during the health crisis, Clip presented his #SeguimosJuntoATi plan, which aims to keep companies going and keep their finances stable. Within this plan, the new digital payment platform called Clip Remote Payments stands out.

The company announced this as the first action lowered prices from March 30th on Clip Pro devices by -20% (from 2,999 to 2,388 pesos) and on Clip Plus 2 by -22% (from 449 to 349 pesos), in addition to the months without interest in his three teams promote home service.

The second pillar is in generate additional income of new products. Therefore, since April 23, Clip has doubled the profits from the sale of phone top-ups so that businesses can generate more income from the offer.

To take advantage of this, companies only need one device from the clip portfolio and are ready to offer airtime recharges in less than a minute without having to buy credit in advance. In March last year, Clip announced that retailers offering Clip Refills increased their sales by 31%.

The third pillar is the so-called daily liquidity. At its first virtual launch, Adolfo Babatz, founder and CEO of Clip, emphasized that Clip was the first company to offer its customers daily deposits into any account and / or bank card, regardless of whether it was a holiday or a weekend .

This new initiative applies to the entire product portfolio and is designed to ensure that companies maintain a constant flow of income. Clip users can take advantage of this benefit from May 1st.

Remote Payments Clip

This is the new payment acceptance solution. This new payment alternative works very simply. Simply download the clip app for free on iOS or Android; Fill out the payment concept on one of the Clip Pro or Clip Total devices and generate a link that is sent to the customer by email or via his preferred social network, so that the user can make his payment without having to use the physical client.

With this new tool, companies are just one click away from offering fast, easy and secure payments. No matter where your customers are and get their money from anywhere in Mexico. There was a test phase in which the food, beverage and retail industries benefited the most.

Remote Payments Clip is suitable for all companies of all sizes and industries.

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