ClarkeModet will recommend SENER to protect the industrial secrets in the blockchain network

The world’s leading brands have always jealously guarded their secrets of success. From the recipe for making a tomato sauce dressing to the most complex software, as exclusivity makes room for success in business.

Since the pandemic started just over six months ago, millions of jobs worldwide have been moved to private households, which is why information has been transferred to PCs so that information can be accessed at any time. this is necessary to do the assigned tasks.

In this context, blockchain technology continues to be a solution to protect information and industrial property. In this way, ClarkeModet plays a leading role in solving these problems. His most recent success was SENER, who will use blockchain technology in the future to protect his intellectual and industrial property.

ClarkeModet will recommend SENER to protect the industrial secrets in the blockchain network
ClarkeModet will recommend SENER to protect the industrial secrets in the blockchain network

ClarkeModet is a commercial data protection center for industrial data and intellectual property worldwide, known for its long history and with trading offices in Latin American countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Spain and Portugal. The services range from business patents and trade badges to the registration of intellectual property and copyrights.

His extensive references have led his customer portfolio to SENER, an engineering and technology group that was founded around the 1956s and has been offering its customers the most advanced technological solutions ever since. In his long career, he has gained an international reputation for his independence and innovation potential.

Therefore, this company hires ClarkeModet to initiate a registration based on block technologies that enables secure and unchangeable storage of the information. Like its consultant, SENER has branches in countries such as Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Qatar, Colombia, South Korea, Chile, China, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, the United States, Morocco, Mexico, Poland and Portugal. , Great Britain and South Africa. All branches have at least 2,300 employees and, according to ClarkeModet, Clarke estimates that just over 500 million euros are raised annually.

On this occasion, ClarkeModet is the first company to benefit from an engineering firm like SENER by implementing certification that protects strategic knowledge and information using blockchain technology.

The important thing about this advice from ClarkeModet is precisely the development of SENER, a company with more than 50 years of experience in the market, which participated in its own activities in the fields of aerospace and engineering as well as in its participation in energy companies via SENER Renewable has investments as a prime provider alongside space, science and defense.

This company of great importance The blockchain application is used to protect business secrets and copyrights to protect the strategic technological developments of RD in a register based on blockchain technology.

Although ClarkeModet advises its customers from the start on patents, brands and everything that is required to create a rich and competitive company, this type of information used in SENER cannot be patented. However, this does not mean that they have no full value and no meaning for the protection of the information, even if it is data from development and research. They are invaluable and more sensitive to theft and sale to other companies. Therefore, a tool is required that efficiently protects the confidential information processed by the SENER group.

The system implemented by SENER under the advice and support of ClarkeModet has legal recognition and validity, which enables the right of ownership to protected information and the development derived from the examination of this protected knowledge.

Central Zone’s Business Development Director and ClarkeModet Álvaro Ramos’ new technology expert said in the ClarkeModet statement: “Blockchain technology has proven to be an ideal alternative formula for registering evidence that is helping more and more companies to innovate companies like SENER protect their innovation and competitive advantage. ”

The tool launched by ClarkeModet in 2019 is based on a document created by the company SENER must provide strategic information for an innovative development. When the data is emptied onto the platform, an alphanumeric code called a hash is generated and translated into the fingerprint of the document.

As the cryptographic community knows, this hash records an immutable creation date and time. It is also protected in three different blockchain networks that certify the process, and additionally For security reasons of SENER, the document with the information uploaded to the network remains in the exclusive safekeeping of SENER, so that ClarkeModet has no access to the information published on the network that clearly generates more tool safety.

Since the introduction of this tool in 2019, ClarkeModet has already implemented solutions based on this blockchain application for almost a hundred companies in Spain and Portugal.

The protection of business secrets is more common than it is known, and it is a fact that all parts of the world are trying from the start to access this information from companies by any means, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article The Pandemic, the Attempt Stealing information increased by at least 300% thanks to the famous phishing.

The numerous attacks on companies to steal important information and attacks on others to control production sectors or manipulation of services were quick. The use of tools such as blockchain continues to strengthen these companies to protect themselves from the cyberattacks they are aiming for. subtract this type of information or in other cases to temporarily control the systems while the information is being phased out, as was the case a few days ago in Telecom Argentina, which was the victim of a ransomware attack from Russia, as from the initial investigations by the If it turns out The same authorities have “successfully contained” the attack.

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